September 14, 2008

Mike Shanahan Hates You

A quick follow-up to the Chargers-Broncos game. We already know that Mike Shanahan hates fantasy football players, inexplicably turning crappy RBs into studs when it suits him, or crappy TEs into studs (Scheffler), or unheralded rookie WRs into studs (Royal) or whatever suits him, or just totally dog-housing a talented player to prove a point (See Bell, Tatum or Mike) That's fine. We get it. Draft a Bronco and you get whatever you get.

This is the first time he's flipped Vegas off though. When you are down 38-31 with 24 seconds left, and you score a touchdown, you kick the extra point. The score is 38-37 and XPs are 99% propositions. It's obvious.

blahblah Undoctored photo proving Mike Shanahan is morphing into Al Davis

But that's not psycho degenerate gambler thinking. The spread was Denver +1.5, so psycho degenerate gambler thinking is go for two, then we cover either way. OT is a 50-50 proposition, no better than before kickoff. Mike Shanahan exhibited psycho degenerate gambler thinking.

So what am I saying? Am I saying Mike Shanahan had an entire judgment against Al Davis riding on the Broncos? No. Am I saying Mike Shanahan wanted to reward bettors who believed in his team? No. I'm only accusing Mike Shanahan of taking the next step towards what we already knew he enjoyed: screwing with us. Or maybe he was bored. I don't know.

5 Responses:

Josh said...

What you need to understand is that this game was dominated by the offense. Lots of yards, lots of points. That said, overtime would've ultimately came down to the coinflip - the first team to get the ball would've likely scored and won. The OT coinflip is an "actual" coinflip, in that it is completely out of anyones control.

So... he didn't make a stupid decision at all. He decided to take the coinflip that he had some control over, which was to go for the win with the fate in the hands of an offense with freshly boosted confidence, against a worried, exhausted, and aggravated defense. Not only that, this gave the refs less opportunity to "make up" for the premature whistle-blow that negated the supposed Cutler fumble.


J-Red said...

Yeah, I actually covered that in the post below. He made the right decision, but it's one that coaches never make. I was impressed with his guts, and I also noted how the decision was a gambler's deranged dream come true.

J-Red said...

And NFL officials don't do makeup calls. That's basketball BS.

michael said...

I took Denver + I was happy.

nikhil28 said...

Ok, so it's true that he did go for the decision that he had some control over. But isn't Shanahan essentially telling his defense that he has no confidence in them. Granted, that is obvious since they gave up 38 points. But why not play it safe at home and play for OT?

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