December 28, 2008

NFL Week 17 Picks Against the Spread

Brien (39-39-2)
Just when I thought I might actually know what I'm doing, I go 0-9-1 over the last two weeks. Ouch.

NY Giants (+6.5) over MINNESOTA - I know the Giants are sliding, but not this bad.

NY JETS (-2.5) over Miami - As long as there aren't 2 feet for snow on the ground again, the Jets should be fine.

ARIZONA (-6) over Seattle - I know the Cards aren't very good, but the Seahawks are still worse.

Washington (+3) over SAN FRANCISCO - Even with the West Coast trip, the Skins are better than this.

Dallas (+1) over PHILADELPHIA - The Cowboys can't possibly be as bad as they looked last week.

J-Red (36-40-4)
Last week didn't go so well for any of us. I can still end the year at or above .500 though.

Jacksonville (+12) over BALTIMORE - I think the Ravens will win, but I don't expect a cakewalk.

GREEN BAY (-9.5) over Detroit - I don't think the Packers' pride will let them just roll over for a team this bad.

Miami (+2.5) over NEW YORK JETS - The Jets are in a freefall.

SAN FRANCISCO (-3) over Washington - East going west doesn't hurt as badly, but the Skins just want this over. Singletary wants a job.

Dallas (+1.5) over PHILADELPHIA - Dallas seems poised to capitalize on their reprieve.

Jeremy (42-36-2)
Alright, I just need to hold serve this week to take the ECB crown for the 2008 season. Let's see what I can come up with (odds as of Wednesday 12/23/08 at 1pm)...

Denver (+8) over SAN DIEGO - This is a huge spread in a winner-take-all game for the division. I have no idea who will win, but I can't see a blowout.

NEW YORK JETS (-2) over Miami - Another winner-take-all game. Not so worried about climate for Miami after they won in frigid K.C. last week. But never bet against Favre in these games.

Dallas (+1.5) over PHILADELPHIA - Another game with everything on the line for the teams. Romo has not been good of late but the Cowboys scoring as much as they did on the Ravens' D last week impressed me. And the Redskins gave the blueprint to shutting down Westbrook.

Detroit (+9.5) over GREEN BAY - I know that the Lions haven't won at Green Bay since about 1974. Still, you have to think that they'll put up a hell of a fight to avoid 0-16 and this is a big spread.

SAN FRANCISCO (-3) over Washington - Last week's Redskins win was counterfeit. You heard it from this Redskins fan right here. We still only scored 10 points despite holding the ball for 33 minutes. We are no better than an 8-win team.

Magic 8 Ball (39-39-2)

Denver (+8) over SAN DIEGO - "My answer is no." (Chargers won't beat spread)

Miami (+2) over NEW YORK JETS - "No." (Jets won't beat spread)

PHILADELPHIA (-1.5) over Dallas - "Signs point to yes." (Eagles will beat the spread)

Detroit (+9.5) over GREEN BAY - "My answer is no." (Packers won't beat the spread)

Washington (+3) over SAN FRANCISCO - "Don't count on it." (49ers won't beat the spread)

Russell (34-44-2)
Russell is incommunicado this week, which is just fine with J-Red, who is guaranteed to stay out of the cellar now.

Jeremy: DAL, DEN, DET, NYJ, SF
Russell: Bench warrant issued, failure to appear

1) Jeremy (42-36-2)
2) Magic 8 Ball (39-39-2)
Brien (39-39-2)
4) Jason (36-40-4)
5) Russell (34-44-2)

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J-Red said...

I would have liked to pick the Dallas-Philly game AFTER seeing that Tampa Bay and Chicago were going to give Philly unexpected life.

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