February 19, 2009

Standing Optional - OV8 Scores Incredible Goal

I don't usually just drop video into this blog, but this goal has to be seen:

6 Responses:

Russell said...

That could be the best goal I've ever seen.

Jeremy said...

I was at the game last night and witnessed the goal in person. Well, shamefully, actually I didn't. I saw him get hooked, saw the ref's arm go up, and saw Ovie fall to the ice and I looked down to take a sip of my soda waiting for the inevitable powerplay when suddenly the goal horn goes off and bedlam erupts. It was insane. I was proud to be wearing my Ovie jersey last night. And some stupid canucks sitting behind me were calling Ovie overrated right before that goal. I had a few words for them afterwards.

Jeremy said...

Oh, two more things about it:

1) The self-pass alone was incredible, let alone the goal.

2) When they showed the replay about five times in-house, Ovechkin was watching it himself on the Jumbotron, and afterwards gave the little Hulk Hogan move putting his hand up to his ear and the crowd just went berserk saluting him.

"ben" said...

Which was more disappointing for you:

Missing this goal? Or leaving early for the Nats stadium opener against Atlanta with their thrilling win on the walk off homer?

Anyhow, as nice as that was, it still doesn't beat this:


Hail to the victors.

Jeremy said...

I didn't miss this goal. I missed the puck going into the net. I saw 90% of it. So I'd have to say that more disappointing was missing the walk off.

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It was an amazing goal. I wish I saw it in person like Jeremy, but I do get to see it 100 times on ESPN.

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