February 11, 2009

Idol Preview/Recap

So for those of you who are new to ECB, here's fair warning. In possibly the most gay thing that we collectively do, and something that you probably could not predict, we review and predict the results of American Idol following each performance round. We do our best to recap after each evening's performance and predict the results of that night's voting. If we don't get to a particular performance review, sue us. And just as a side of bragging, we've been remarkably on in previous seasons, picking the winner usually with at least 6 contestants remaining.

The format for this season will be interesting. Three groups of 12 finalists. One group to perform each week. Each group of 12 will be voted down to three, the last male standing, the last female standing, and the next-highest vote getter. That means that nine contestants will get axed in each of the next three weeks and that will leave nine surviving contestants, three from each group. The judges will then use three "wild cards" to choose three people who have been eliminated to be revived. That will be the Final 12. And then two more will be eliminated. And then you'll have your American Idol concert tour.

The hottest American Idol finalist ever? Who remembers that she finished 16th in 2007?

So a few thoughts on the Top 36

- BOWIE, MARYLAND REPRESENT!!!! A Marylander is in the Top 36. Nicely done. Ju'Not Joyner.

- I didn't think that there would be such a noticeable decline in the talent going from the top 24 to the top 36. All I can say is that we know now that in previous seasons, positions 25 through 36 were dreadful, based upon some of the dregs that got through this season.

- Five early favorites: Alexis Grace, Anoop Desai (the Indian voting bloc will come out strong), Stevie Wright, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta. Anoop, Danny, and Alexis all perform next week, which means that they've got a card handed against them already... next week's lineup seems a little too stacked for me (aside from Tatiana). It means that one of the following two weeks we're going to get a shitshow.

- Horrifying: I think that if there was a pay-per-view contest with Tatiana Del Toro getting more and more pain steadily inflicted on her based upon the number of people who purchased the contest, it would be one of the highest grossing PPV's ever. Holy hell... girl, SHUT UP!!!

- Horrifying pt. 2: Vote for the Worst will be out in force to get Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell through. Listen, the man will make a great drag queen. How would you feel if you've been eliminated from Idol and you see this asshole still performing and STILL getting votes? Wow.

- Horrifying pt. 3: I'm about to sound horribly old, but I think this season will be known for the most painful contestant piercings ever. I've seen horseshoes through the nose, cheeks pierced, lips pierced, and God knows what else that we haven't seen.

- Separated at birth: Waldo (of Where's Waldo fame) from Alex Wagner-Trugman

- Separated at birth pt. 2: Jaime Pressley (of My Name is Earl) from Kristen McNamara

- Un-P.C. thing to say for the night: Scott MacIntyre (blind guy) really isn't all that good.

- Late-breaking update (edited morning of 2/12): Joanna Pacitti, the good-looking chick who consistently forgot the lyrics to her songs and had previously had a record deal, was booted from the competition, replaced by somebody who I don't remember, who got zero face time, and and who got eliminated last night.

4 Responses:

J-Red said...

Ju-Not has a lot to overcome since he's had so little exposure up to this point. He's going to really have to stand out to be in the top 3 in one of the groups.

Lee said...

Why are you doing this? I just vouched for this blog to a friend the other day and now you're writing about Amrican Idol???? You're killing my Net Cred. Can someone contact me when sports are being discussed again? In conclusions "kill yourselves".

Jeremy said...

Lee, thanks for the shout out. But you know, we have to do something to keep the gender balance of our blog somewhat in check and keep readership up. Don't worry... you'll get at most the one Idol post per week balanced out by plenty of sports. And you're really going to complain about a picture of Antonella Barba?

Lee said...

I said nothing of the picture... Although not sure if you're going to attract many members of the opposite sex if each Idol recap comes with said photo...

Can I expect a recap of the hit job the Post is doing on GW this week by gameday? Tabloid journalism man...

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