February 24, 2009

Duke Fan - Epic Fail

On the eve of Maryland-Duke at Comcast, the smack talking has begun. While Maryland fans plan to layer the entire arena with Scheyerfaces pursuant to Operation Scheyerface v. 2.0 in honor of the beautiful John Scheyer, and are likely at present spending hours on Photoshop coming up with the most horrific, offensive (and beautiful) posters possible of Ratface (Coach K) and various Duke players doing unspeakable things to barnyard animals, Dick Vitale, and others, some Duke fans are trying their best to retaliate.

Some of you might remember the absolutely legendary video "This Is Why Duke Sucks" rap song and video generated by Terp fan Peter Greenberg. See below:

Well, some random Duke fan has tried to fire back with his own rap, entitled "This Is Why They Hate." It was so poor that within 24 hours, the guy has already taken it off of his webpage and tried to destroy any record of its existence. In the words of Lee Corso, "not so fast my friend." Maryland fans managed to grab the audio of this insanely piss-poor attempt and have put it to the music video below (images placed in the video courtesy of Maryland fans, audio courtesy of this dumbass Duke fan). See below:

So, Duke fan, to put it bluntly...


3 Responses:

BettorFan said...

Duke is just going down the toilet. I hope they drop out of the Top 25.

J-Red said...

The rap sucked, but I still was hurt.

Meghan said...

I don't understand. Could they not find an attractive Duke fan?

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