February 28, 2009

2 years and still standing...

Well gang, we've made it to our second anniversary. Which, according to Emily Post, is the "cotton" anniversary. You can tell some of us are married now.

Back on February 28, 2007, Brien kicked us off with this post with some video of horrific basketball injuries, J-Red followed with this post detailing drama with a Duke-loving then-girlfriend's sister, and Jeremy finished up the day with this post, an egomaniacal introduction to himself.

Now, we're two years later. We've continued to crank out an average of over a post a day, and we've enjoyed literally hundreds of thousands of visitors to our blog over the past year. While most of these visitors have come from the United States, we'd like to thank our 39 visitors from Iran (which likely has landed us on a watchlist somewhere), our 2 visitors from Madagascar (yes, this is an actual country, not just the title of an animated movie), our 12 visitors from the Sudan (um, free Darfur or something like that), and our 1 visitor from the country that Homer Simpson thought was a made-up country, Burkina Faso. You know what, we'll just shut up with sarcastic comments about countries, and simply say we've had visitors from 181 countries this past year. Hooray for Google Analytics which lets us track this crazy shit.

We'd all like to take a few moments to thank a few people who have linked to us or otherwise helped us out: Yardbarker, Deadspin, Dan Steinberg's Washington Post DC Sports Bog, CNN-SI's Extra Mustard, and The Big Lead. There's many more of you out there, and just know that we appreciate your links and your support.

Bottom line is this... we do this as a hobby. Three of us try to be gainfully employed and the fourth is finishing up his doctoral dissertation (and will likely soon make more than the other three of us combined). So sure, there are times when we get writer's block or we just don't really feel like getting to a computer and writing coherently on a cool topic, or we really just hit busy times in our personal and professional lives and our blog contributions pay the price. When we hit these times, we're kept going by all of you, who we want to save our thanks for last... each and every one of our readers. Nobody ever wants to feel like they are writing for an audience of none, and as we've grown over these two years, we know that we do have at least a few readers, and that you do visit us and hope to see some fresh content. Your comments on the blog, our interactions with you, and knowing that you are out there, keep us going.

So thanks everyone, keep commenting, keep bookmarking us in your Google Reader, keep subscribing to our Facebook page, and above all, just keep visiting, and if you ever have an idea for a post or just want to say hi, we're at [email protected].


5 Responses:

Nikhil said...

Wow. I have the same birthday as ECB. Cool:)

Jeremy said...

Actually, Nikhil, we didn't want to give you a swelled head or anything, but back on 2/28/07, we had been thinking about starting a blog for a really long time and then were like "Holy shit... it's Nikhil's birthday. We HAVE to do it now." So now you know the truth.

Nikhil said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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