February 28, 2007

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste...

Alright, so before I start posting on here (or responding to insults against my first LSAT experience which I would dub libelous, but they are unfortunately true), I should let you all know who I am. I'm Jeremy. I'm a lawyer. Make your jokes. I'm a rabid Terps fan. I take pride in the label of the Maryland fanbase being "classless." I'm a proud 2002 graduate of THE University of Maryland at College Park. Yes, my senior year Terp sports achieved nirvana with the football team winning the ACC Championship and the basketball team winning it all (and I was in the Georgia Dome that evening). I will never pay a dime to send any child of mine to Duke University or the University of Virginia not because they're bad schools, but because I would prefer to send my as-of-yet nonexistent children to any of the many equivalent or better schools because the two above-named institutions churn out obnoxious, self-indulgent, pompous, and sanctimonious graduates. Please spare me your "I know so-and-so who went there and they're not like that," because although I rarely engage in blind stereotyping, I choose to do so in this limited context in the full understanding that there might be a few exceptions to this rule out there.. Of course, this is all moot because my children will be attending The University of Maryland, whether they like it or not. And yes, as you probably can see, I have a bad habit of using legal terms and big words, even when I'm talking sports.

Jayson Blair was my T.A. for JOUR100, so anybody reading this should draw any inference that they choose about the factual accuracy of my posts or whether or not the incidences described therein actually took place at all. I can tell you though that I witnessed J-Red get into a verbal altercation with Mr. Sweatpants himself, Coach Al Groh (J-Red really got the better end of that one, and I would call it like I saw it if J-Red embarrassed himself). I taught Brien during his freshman year at College Park, but I disclaim responsibility for all deviancy that may appear in his posts. I attended the 2001 ACC Tourney with both of them in Hotlanta, where we enjoyed smack-talking to the rest of our ACC foes and then joining in with all of these one-time foes in turning on Duke fans who got on the MARTA train. I had the same seat in the front row of Section O at Cole Field House for all home Maryland basketball games my sophomore, junior, and senior years of college, right next to J-Red and Brien, and was known for my Ficker-esque heckling abilities in which I was able to get three opposing coaches to make obscene gestures at me and even earned the wrath of one of the fellow big-dollar contributing Terp fans. I have, however, mellowed out in my elder years (the mid-20s are a bitch), and am no longer a hazard to myself or to others at Maryland sporting events. Not to mention I'm getting married in September, so I will officially be totally whipped.

I am in the Terrapin Club and if you read this and want to join, you need to contact ME so that I can get the referral points. Yeah, I'm a lawyer, but believe me, I have chosen to not make the Monopoly Money by working for one of the DC or Baltimore factories for the personal reason that I would actually like to enjoy my legal career and do substantive legal work without spending 4-5 years doing document review 80 hours a week.

My posts will largely involve the teams that I am a fan of (Terps, Redskins, Nats, and to a lesser extent the Wizards and Capitals). J-Red and Brien hate at least two of those teams, so this should make for an interesting dialogue.

So in the timeless words of Marvin Gaye... "Let's get it on...."

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

I barely remember the Al Groh moment(I owe alcohol 1,000 thanks and 100,000 fuck yous). If he had heard the shit I yelled at him from section 352 when his Jets blew a 21-0 lead to allow the Ravens into the playoffs, he'd have said worse.

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