March 3, 2007

Gruesome Sports Injuries

So I heard from somebody who was actually a fan of Brien's very first post which had video of two extremely nasty college basketball injuries. When I heard this, it reminded me of the scene from The Simpsons where Homer is at the video store and is torn between two videos... one a truly all-time famous movie (I forget which one), and the other, which he ultimately chooses, called "Greatest Sports Injuries" which we later see him watching while gulping down chips and beer and hearing in the background Joe Theismann get his leg snapped. Well, for this person, and for any others who enjoy seeing the darker side of sports, I'm linking to a post on someone else's blog, which has links to the YouTube videos of what this guy considers to be the 10 most gruesome sports injuries ever. Enjoy.

I have to add one more that I remember that I can't believe isn't on the list. This one is truly disgusting... Napoleon McCallum's knee is literally bent 180 degrees the wrong way during a Raiders-49ers game:

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