March 3, 2007

ACC Tourney Seeding (Corrected Mar. 3)

Here are the roads to an ACC bye for MD:

MD beats NC State
UNC loses to Dook
BC beats GT (4th seed), or BC loses to GT (3rd seed)

VT hosting Clemson is actually irrelevant because they beat BC, MD and UNC in the tiebreaker. VT has clinched a top-4 seeding for the ACC Tourney. They can be 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, but no lower.

Maryland can be no lower than 5th and no higher than 3rd.

(ACC tiebreakers here)

--MD win + UNC loss puts both at 10-6. MD beat UNC.
--MD win + UNC loss + BC loss puts all three teams at 10-6. Rule 3(a) says three-way tiebreaker involves round-robin record and all three teams are 1-1 against the other two. Rule 3(b) says next tiebreaker is overall (conference + non-con) winning pct., and MD and UNC are tied, with BC behind both. Rule 3(d) says since now only MD and UNC are tied revert to Rule 1, Rule 1(a) says head-to-head breaks the tie, and Maryland is 3rd seed. Then compare UNC and BC and UNC is 4th, BC 5th.
--VT is irrelevant because they win a four-team tiebreaker over UNC, MD and BC if all four teams are 10-6.

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