February 28, 2007

On the Eve of Maryland-Duke

This was the loudest I heard Cole Field House in my four years there and I have to imagine it was just about the loudest the good 'ol arena ever got. Steve Blake absolutely makes Jason Williams (a.k.a. Mad Max) his bitch. It still brings a smile to my face to watch the reaction of the Duke coaching staff as they trudge into the Maryland locker room after this happens. And for those who want to know what it was like in the student section at Cole Field House for games like this, look when they pan the crowd and you can literally see this sea of red just going INSANE. I think that if anybody ever wants to know why I'm a rabid Terps fan, I can just show them this crowd shot and say that's what it was like every year for six football games, and every year for fifteen basketball games (well really only a handful were THIS crazy). But this is why I truly think that anybody who goes to a non-DI school misses out on the experience of collegiate sports. Unless you're really into Chaucer. Then by all means go to your small liberal arts school.

I look at this and think Comcast Center might be pretty, and I'm sure it attracts recruits, but it will never, ever, ever, touch Cole. More to come on this subject I'm sure in future posts.

2 Responses:

Brien said...

Absolutely my favorite Terp sports moment ever.

J-Red said...

I made Jessica watch this 2,000,000 times, with me yelling "STOLEN! STOLEN!" in a high-pitched voice everytime. She wasn't amused, but how could she be? As a USC grad she had no exciting moments, just wins when they should have won. What am I supposed to show her? Kyle Boller beating them? UCLA or Oregon St. knocking down that final pass?

The one thing we have to live and die on is that you can go to a Maryland football or basketball game and know that there is a chance you'll be witnessing something you'll never forget. I still remember being down 18 to Tulane and coming back. My personal memory of the loudest Cole ever was, when I was there, was 1999-2000 against WF in the first game of the season, in December. It was deafening.

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