March 3, 2007

Carolina On My Mind...

A sign at today's game (See J-Red's post below about the Terps' total domination of all Carolina-related teams). Is this team peaking too early? Discuss.

2 Responses:

Brien said...

Is this team peaking too early?

Absolutely not. The team started peaking exactly when it needed to in order to actually make the tournament and get a decent seed. I'm not a big believer in "peaking too early" anyway.

J-Red said...

Plus the whole "don't go into the tourney on a winning streak" concept is overrated. Florida was the SEC Champ last year. UCLA was the Pac-10 Champ.

Obviously that isn't always the case, but it is tough to win two straight single-elimination tournaments in a major conference. I think we are playing extremely well, and we've avoided all the letdown games in convincing fashion.

We might not be "peaking", but rather reaching our potential midway through the season, which good teams are supposed to do. It wasn't like we were getting destroyed before the run, we lost a couple OT games to top-4 NCAA and ACC seeds. We just turned the corner and never looked back.

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