March 1, 2009

Nats GM Bowden Leaves Team in the Lurch

The Nats (Washington Nationals, formerly the Montreal Expos) recently received confirmation, through CNNSI, of their suspicion that highly paid prospect Esmailyn Gonzalez is older than he claims. Actually, that isn't even his name. Add in that General Manager Jim Bowden and assistant Jose Rijo were both implicated in a skimming scandal involving Dominican prospects, and things haven't been going well on the Space Coast for Major League Baseball's forgotten franchise.

Rijo was fired on Thursday. Bowden resigned abruptly today. With no replacement. With no interim named. During Spring Training.

To borrow a line from Bill Simmons, "Ladies and gentlemen, these are YOUR Washington Nationals!"

Bowden has always seemed surprised at the lack of support he has received within the organization. I guess he got the last laugh though, abandoning the team at the time of year when the General Manager is perhaps the most important man in the organization. Whatever happened to two weeks notice?

Did Bowden scribble out a little note for his successor, explaining his entire five-year plan to make the Nats competitive, or will the replacement, whoever that is, be able to piece it together himself (or herself)?

Seems like a giant F-You to me.

8 Responses:

Nikhil said...

Are you sure he truly resigned? What if he "resigned" in anticipation of being fired? It seems like the Nationals wanted him out anyway and were going to fire him soon.

J-Red said...

I considered that and the only reason I suspect he truly quit is that the Nats didn't have an interim GM to name today.

Sarah said...

Two weeks' notice is so 90s.

Grant said...

He should've been fired both years and weeks ago. They're gonna hire Toronto's Assistant GM, Jason LaCava, with an exemption for the minority rule because of how late in the game all this is happening. Any Nats fan should be happy he's finally gone. Manny Acta is a good field manager and there are a few talented players around, but this is a diseased organization with cheapo ownership. I dunno if LaCava can fix that.

J-Red said...

I think immediately after the season ended would have been best. I guess Adam Dunn just looks at his checking account for solace. The next two years are going to suck for him.

Grant said...

I kinda feel bad for Dunn. Yeah, he's still a millionaire, but he gets attacked by Cincy broadcasters, JP Ricciardi, and now he has to play for Washington at a lower contract than he probably would've gotten last offseason because of the economy and the fact that GMs figured out about defense all of a sudden.

At least he has his buddy Austin Kearns around. Until the new GM just releases him. And he gets to go Ben's Chili Bowl a lot.

W said...
This post has been removed by the author.
W said...

Only the Nationals organization could make the Orioles organization look good to me.

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