May 4, 2009

Pittsburgh Penguins MIA

It seems the Penguins have an offensive force to match Ovechkin in Sidney Crosby, but they're lacking the Scottie Pippen to their Michael Jordan.

If only they had an Evgeni Malkin, or Fedetenko.

If only they had a David Steckel.

The series is now 2-0, and the teams have played pretty evenly. Sid the Bitch and Alex Ovechkin have each scored 4 goals in two games, but yet the Capitals have taken the edge.

Since, as a lawyer, I know "wherefore" means "why", I'll ask the obvious question. ¿Dónde está Malkin? ¿Dónde está Fedetenko? ¿Dónde está Staal?

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