May 2, 2009

How You Could Have Bet the Derby...

When a long shot like Mine that Bird wins, all the handicappers are left scratching their heads. Especially when you consider that handicapping was unnecessary..

$2 to win on ALL = 19 horses x $2 or $38. Payout - $103.20. Return - 272%.

$2 exacta, ALL over ALL = 19 horses x 18 horses x $2 or $684. Payout - $2,074.80. Return - 303%.

$2 trifecta, ALL over ALL over ALL = 19 horses x 18 horses x 17 horses x $2 or $11,628. Payout - $41,500.60. Return - 357%.

$2 superfecta, ALL over ALL over ALL over ALL = 19 horses x 18 horses x 17 horses x 16 horses x $2 or $186,048. Payout - $557,006.40. Return - 299%.

If only you could have seen the future and had about $200,000 lying around. Although, if you could see the future you a) could focus your bets better and b) would have more than $200K lying around anyway.

And, yes, I know that the $557,006.40 probably represents the entire superfecta pool, so you'd really only have made about a $75,000 profit.

3 Responses:

Anonymous said...

In the Post today they said there were 23 $1 superfecta the pool was way more than what you thought it was....just an insane payout.

Russell said...

You made fun of my use of the FIELD button, but it could have paid off well yesterday as you have noted here. Too bad my winner finished 18th.

J-Red said...

That is way more than I thought probably because I consider the superfecta to be a sucker bet. That means the extra bet dilutes the profit that much less though.

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