March 10, 2009

College Basketball Jeopardy!

The category is college basketball teams for $1000.
- On January 5th, we were 10-2 and ranked 9th in the Coach's Poll and 10th in the AP Poll.
- We then proceeded to lose 12 of our next 18 games, including a home loss to Seton Hall and a road loss to St. John's.
- We have a former Parade All-American on our roster as well as three former McDonalds All-Americans on our roster, including the former National High School Player of the Year.
- We couldn't even muster one win in the Big East Tournament, losing again to St. John's.
- We are just two years removed from a Final Four appearance, but finished this season 7-11 in conference and 16-14 overall.
- The only teams in our ridiculously-oversized 16-team conference to have a worse record than us are South Florida, Rutgers, Seton Hall, and DePaul.
If you guessed the Hoyas of Georgetown University, you win $1000 in East Coast Bias bucks. (one thousand Schrute bucks for each East Coast Bias buck).
Congratulations, Georgetown. You've fallen down so low that even Terp fans can look at you and nod our heads slowly in disgusted pity. There's going to be a lot of Prince George's County residents who are turning their Starter jackets inside out to avoid the appearance that they support you.

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