May 16, 2009

Preakness Day pt1: Anticipation

The plan today is to blog from Preakness, so hopefully technology will cooperate.  Until then, I’m just waiting for my brother to get here and we’ll head out to Pimlico.

I’m probably the only person who ever watched it, but I’m disappointed that ESPN doesn’t show Breakfast at Pimlico early on Preakness morning (they had a similar show called Breakfast at Churchill on Derby morning).  There must not be that much of a market for horse racing analysis at 7am on a Saturday.

Preakness is always a ton of fun, but I’m a bit nervous about how the recent changes are going to affect the atmosphere.  I’m sure there will still be plenty of drunk people providing entertainment, but with less beer and probably a lot less people, things are going to be different.  Also, I hope the ZZ Top concert, beach volleyball, and all the other random crap they’ve included don’t kill the ambiance of Preakness.

If I can get cell reception, I’ll post again in a few hours.

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