May 10, 2009

Bumper Sticker Ideas and Other One-Liners

Honk if you're an asshole a Steelers fan

I'm Rich! What's your name?

I'm Rich! You can call me Dick.

"Run Run Incomplete Punt." --Joe Gibbs

Valet is French for brothel

Your daughter does anal

Follow me to Long Island! (I'm kidding. I'd never go back, but your city sucks.)

Obama '08. So break into the other car.

Twitter is for dorks. #dorks

For $500,000 I'll give you the spiritual confidence to resurrect your career with Pulp Fiction/a Tropic Thunder cameo.

Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside.

I watch NASCAR for the wrecks. I watch hockey for the graceful gliding.

Jesus saves. Rebound! Satan shoots....he SCORES!!!

OMFG LOL! I get your Lebowski/Seinfeld/Office Space reference!

Yeah, I called your 11-year-old a pulsating thundercunt on Xbox Live.

The book was better than the movie, but not as good as the video game.

TiVo has changed both advertising and porn.

Hollywood Sequel - Stripes: Don't Ask Don't Tell

Tiger Woods makes me feel better about slavery.

Limp Bizkit is underrated.

Video hockey qualifies me to criticize your coaching.

Losing on Jeopardy! would validate my life.

i before e = √-1 * 2.71828 

Laughing at your Derrida reference doesn't preclude me from laughing at your fart.

Manny and A-Rod are cheaters. I require Red Bull to click a mouse all day.

If loving Prince makes me gay, I don't want to be ♂

If beer is proof that God loves us, why is herpes for life?

If the rapture happens, I'm totally using your hot tub.

BREAKING NEWS: White kid missing

5 Responses:

thisizstupid said...

How about this for a bumper sticker:

"James Harrison never murdered anyone!"

J-Red said...

How about this for one: "Joey Porter's dogs ate a pony. I fucking hate Michael Vick."

W said...

Nice. This will generate some email. I don't get the Derrida reference but I recognize the deconstruction of the fart.

Lee said...

GAME 7!! Hooooowwwwlllll!!!!

gpb said...

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