April 25, 2009

Broncos' Josh McDaniels Fired Before Season?

Okay, rookie head coach Josh McDaniels, so you totatlly blew the Jay Cutler situation. It's cool, franchise-caliber QBs come and go.

Pat Bowlen, the Broncos owner, put a lot of faith in his new GM, Brian Xanders, though Bowlen himself kept the reins.
This is Xanders.

Yeah. Maybe the Danny Snyder-Vinny Cerrato pederasty isn't so bad after all.

Since the Broncos fired Shanahan, this has happened:

--Rookie head coach tries to trade for NE backup QB, fails.

--Franchise quality QB freaks out

--Rookie head coach fails to calm franchise quality QB and trades him to Chicago for Kyle Orton

--Broncos have RBs Selvyn Young, Correll Buckhalter, Lamont Jordan, Peyton Hillis, J.J. Arrington and Ryan Torain already under contract.

--Broncos draft RB Knowshown Moreno out of Georgia (Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary)

--Broncos draft LB Robert Ayers (and this would be the silver lining)

--Broncos trade FIRST ROUND MOTHERFUCKING PICK (which looks to be a high one) in 2010 for Seahawks' 5th pick in the 2nd round.

Yes, that's right. The Broncos decided to upgrade one of the league's most explosive offenses (Royal, Marshall, Scheffler, Cutler and Denver RB) by trading Cutler for a lesser quantity and drafting yet another RB to fill out the other six.

Then they traded next year's first rounder.

I am not sure Josh McDaniels will coach a single game as an NFL head coach. This has been the biggest debacle offseasons of all offseasons.

And seriously, look at the picture above, Jason Giambi and Roger Clemens fucked and made Brian Xanders? That's hideous.

7 Responses:

Anonymous said...

When the Broncos traded thier next years first rounder to the Seahawks for a cornerback under 6 feet high, I thought how could anybody be so stupid. The only thing that could have been better is if Denver gave us their #1 and not chicago’s #1. Oh thats right, they did. Thank you Denver for making my day and Seattle’s next years draft.

Anonymous said...

I could see the Seahawks picking twice in the Top 5 next year.

I have to give them credit, if McD had called me and said, "Hey, you can have our 1st rounder for your 2nd rounder..."

I would've said, "Very funny, you cross-eyed ape," and hung up.

Anonymous said...

I almost valued your opinion until you started trying to be funny by ripping on Xanders appearance. What does Xander's appearance have anything at all to do with the draft? So if the Broncos had drafted Orakpo, Maualuga, and Ron Brace then what? Xanders is the next Brad Pitt?

Grant said...

Anonymous #3 apparently doesn't understand how blogs work.

Xanders looks like the kind of guy who still hangs out in College Park bars despite having graduated in 2002.

Anonymous said...

every thought that mayabe the owner Pat Bowlen did not want to pay the RIDICULOUS amount of money for two first rounders AGAIN next year?

J-Red said...

Anonymous three - I never would have bothered to find out what Xander looked like if it hadn't been for these horrible trades. Plus, have you seen Clemens' and Giambi's wives? Not the biggest insult in the world.

Last anonymous - That did cross my mind. If, based on the Moreno pick (cha-ching) and the Cutler fiasco I had thought there was a method to the madness, I'd have mentioned the possibility.

floydlmcintosh said...

I've just gotten sicker and sicker as the draft has gone one. The Pittsburgh trade is terrible as well but is overshadowed by the riduclous Seattle trade. Trade 79 & 84 for 64 & 132...to take a f-ing TE. The already have one of the best sets of TE's in the league...and if Scheffler goes, Jackson is more than capable.

Hey McDouche...it might have been nice to keep that top-5 pick in next years QB rich draft to: A) Take a QB or B) trade for more value. You moron.

The Broncos face a ridiculously tough non-division schedule (AFC North, NFC East, NE and Indy) and the over/under on wins has to be 4.5

If don't screw the pooch on Cutler, draft Orakpo, Brace and Maualuga to address the three needs with three solid players we might have done really well against that schedule. No DTs taken to this point is ridiculous. Look at the roster...it's a joke @ DT.

And yes...Xanders does look like a sleezeball. If he was an old buddy of mine, I wouldn't have him around my baby.

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