April 25, 2009

NFL Draft Prediction - Boldin, Leinart to Skins

All the buzz running up to this year's draft is about where, if anywhere, Anquan Boldin will land. Here is my fearless, incorrect, prediction:

The Redskins will trade Jason Campbell and a pick for Anquan Boldin and Matt Leinart.

But, you say, the cap hit would be tremendous! Snyder has already made it clear with his signing of Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall that he is planning on an uncapped 2010 season. He can fit Boldin and Leinart under the cap in that scenario, if I understand the implications of trading on the salary cap.

If the Eagles or Ravens jump ahead of the Skins' offer, or if the Cardinals get skittish and fit Boldin in, the Redskins will make a similar move to bring in Chad Johnson. They're coming away with one of those two receivers today.

That's my fearless, likely incorrect, prediction.

2 Responses:

Grant said...

Well, thank God you were wrong.

J-Red said...

Oh well. I prefaced it.

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