March 10, 2009

Adam Dunn Should've Thought of this Sooner

[Referring to the World Baseball Classic...]

"If this is like the playoffs, I have to be in the playoffs,'' America's Adam Dunn said after the U.S. hung on Saturday to beat Canada in Toronto, 6-5. "This is the best experience I've ever had in baseball.''

Hahahahahaha. So you signed a two-year deal with the Washington Nationals? I guess you're at least three seasons away from the playoffs.

2 Responses:

Lee said...

Could've signed a long term deal with the O's and known for sure he'd never get to the playoffs....wait for it....ZING!

tomterp said...

BP pegs the Nats' chances at making the playoffs to be around 15%. Lots of teams have worse chances, including the Orioles at around 7%.

But hey, there's safety in numbers- if a media consensus arises that the Nats are THE punch line for 2009, why should anyone venture to distinguish themselves from the pack?

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