March 21, 2009

A Frustrating End to a Good Season

Still more attractive than a Duke cheerleader

I'm not quite ready to do a full post-mortem on the 2008-2009 Maryland Basketball season, but I'll just say that it was eventful and I'm happy with the results.  I have high hopes for next year and I think we've put a bit of the Gary drama behind us for a while.  Losing only Neal (hopefully) and adding Jordan Williams, James Padgett, and Lance Stephenson (hopefully) should provide Greivis with an even better supporting cast.

Today Memphis was simply a better team.  While we could have made it close on most days, with the Tigers shooting as well as they did, the Terps didn't have a chance.  Scoring 70 points is actually a fairly high output for Maryland, but Memphis made it look easy scoring against our press.  That was a tough draw, but you can't expect anything else as a 10 seed.

After some time to reflect, I'll have some more thoughts on the season and what we can expect next year.

4 Responses:

Lee said...

Scoring 70 on Memphis isn't anything to laugh at either. Good season for the Terps. Well done Dave Neal, you left it all on the court and even managed to not cry on national TV during your last game. Well played all the way around.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for posting Brien... I'm kind of in a state, as well, where I don't really know what to say about the team or to sum up the team. All I know is that there weren't many teams in the country that could've put a dent in that Memphis team yesterday. And yesterday it felt like the Terps were playing with house money anyway. I mean, if we won, incredible. If not, I wasn't going to be devastated. And I'm not. I think that a Round-of-32 loss is an incredible finish for this group of guys. How many of the 300+ D-1 schools would die to finish where we did? To get one win in the NCAAs? Well, Wake, FSU, Clemson, Va Tech, Miami, NC State, Georgia Tech, Boston College, UVA just to name a few.

"ben" said...

Yeah, Michigan would kill to..

Oh wait.

WOOOOOOOOOO! We only lost by 10!

Lee said...

Same amount Michigan lost to MD by. NEXT!

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