March 30, 2009

Point of Pride for Terps Fans

We've already covered how this year's Maryland basketball squad exceeded expectations by even making the NCAA Tournament. In case you didn't realize, the Terps beat two of the Final Four teams, Michigan State and North Carolina, during regular season play.

Seriously, people wanted to fire Gary this year?

8 Responses:

Tarheel Born said...

Holy shit. Put down the kool aid for a second and look at some facts. You were beat by Duke 3 times (one of them by 41 points), got blown out by Georgetown (NIT), lost badly to Gonzaga, were beat on your own home court by Morgan State, got beat by a UVA team that finished in 11th place in the ACC. Oh, you also lost to Carolina once as well. Not to mention Clemson. Also, you barely beat Georgia Tech (last place team) by 1 point on the road, after almost choking a 10 point lead. But wait, there's more. You barely beat Vermont at home, needing overtime to beat a team that didn't even make the tournament.

This year, you BARELY, and I mean BARELY, avoided your 4th NIT appearance in the last 5 years. You were 7-9 in your conference. You were one of the last 5 teams let into the tournament.

Your school hasn't even made it to the Sweet 16 since 2003. That year, you needed a last second buzzer beater by Drew Nicholas to even make it past the first round.

Not to mention that your own AD thinks your coach is a d-bag.

Not that I'm complaining. I hope Gary Williams stays forever. We'll go to our Final Fours and Elite Eights, while you guys celebrate barely making the tournament as an "achievement".

Seriously, I've never seen a bunch of fans so loyal to a mediocre coach. Dude, put down the kool aid.

Tarheel Born said...

The Michigan State win? Michigan State had one of its best starters out, Raymar Morgan. Also, it looks like Lance Stephenson has chosen Kansas over Maryland. Not that you MD alumns should be suprised. You're probably used to losing recruits by now.

"ben" said...

Okay, I'll leave most of the main points to the Terp diehards, but regarding Raymar Morgan:

He played 14 minutes vs. Maryland. He had 4 fouls, which might explain the limited minutes.

He missed large chunks of the year with his mono, which was not until after the Maryland game.

Brien said...

As far as I'm concerned, "barely beat" is the same thing as "beat."

J-Red said...

Tarheels, we suffered from a bit of deserved low expectations this year after we lost a handful of recruits to various issues, including our own high character standards. We'd love to have Hansboroughs knocking down our door, but ESPN doesn't include us in their pantheon of knobslobbery like Tobacco Road, T.O., Lebron and Tiger get.

Crazy Gary said...

Earlier this year, I was at the Maryland-Duke game at Cameron. I was sitting about three feet behind the MD bench. Crazy Gary was not happy with one of his players, so he yanked him and wanted to talk to him (yell at him), but the seats where Gary wanted him to sit on the bench were occupied by two of his assistant coaches. So Gary looks right at his coaches and yells: "MOVE OVER, AS$HOLES!"

To his own coaches! Unbelievable.

Seriously, the guy is nuts.

Lee said...

Awwwww Tarheel Born is jealous of our coach who beats his crappy coach with inferior talent each and every year. Isn't that cute? Roy Williams McD's All American to ring ratio 57-1. Gary's 4-1. Suck a bag of dicks.

Tarheel Born said...

To "Lee", we're in the Final Four, asshole. Our Williams has been in 7 of them, 3 at Carolina. Your Williams has been in 2, and you all think he's John Wooden. We're going for our second crown in 5 years. Your guy is probably busy hitting on some 15 year old at Bentleys.

UNC- 18 Final Fours

Nuff said, bitch.

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