April 2, 2009

Redskins' Incompetence on Display Again

The Redskins are no strangers to offseason news, but we usually have to wait until October to see that they've totally screwed the pooch yet again. A pair of early-April stories that surfaced again today make me think this might be the best year yet for Redskins' incompetence. Given this organization's track record, I'm thrilled to see the new depths they might achieve.

hblahblah "Mr. Cerrato, most adults aren't this captivated by the birdie."

The first and smaller news story is that the Titans are strongly considering filing tampering charges against the Redskins, who reached an agreement in principle (and a lot of principal) with DT Albert Haynesworth a mere hours after free agency began. The Titans have asked the league to conduct an investigation. Already, Skins GM/lapdog Vinny Cerrato has made comments on his radio show that could be construed as a reach-out to Haynesworth before the period opened. On March 11, Skins KR/RB Rock Cartwright said "I kind of had an idea they were going to sign [Haynesworth] anyways ... One of my teammates said they had the same agent and ... he said they had been talking." Haynesworth and WR failure Malcolm Kelly have the same agent. The quote and tidbit about the shared agent come from Fanhouse.

The league is notoriously bad about enforcing the tampering rules, but maybe there will be a little fire behind all this smoke. The penalty is usually forfeiture of draft picks, but it's rare for the Skins to have many anyway.

The bigger story is that the Skins publicly swung and missed in their attempt to land promising, young, petulant QB Jay Cutler in a trade with Denver. The Skins incumbent QB, Jason Campbell, has long been the target of Redskins fan ire. Many even would prefer Todd Collins. In a related note, most Skins fans are somewhere between delusional and stupid.

Campbell has reacted well to the news that he was wanted less than an unpopular malcontent whose rookie head coach tried to replace him with Matt Cassel within minutes of taking the job. "Hey Jason! We loved you all along!" That doesn't work on girlfriends, and I bet it doesn't work on quarterbacks either. At least they didn't go after Kyle Boller.

More than most seasons, I can't wait for 2009 to kick off. The Redskins appear headed for an implosion above and beyond their usual.

14 Responses:

Skinsfan said...

Your Incompetence as a reporter is hard to read.

Skinsfan said...


J-Red said...

Nice counterpoint. I guess you are on the stupid side of the scale. I'm not even sure how one reads incompetence.

And we're not reporters. Reporters break news stories and report on news stories. We comment on news stories.

Anonymous said...

Lame, trash.

J-Red said...

I love it. It's as if I made up a couple news stories. This is the delusional half of the stupid-delusional spectrum of Redskins fans.

Adam said...

There's no real basis for a tampering charge in the case of Haynesworth. The Redskins actually agreed on a contract 5-6 hours after the start of free agency. Other teams had plenty of time to negotiate during that period. The Titans are trying to pick up an extra draft pick or two for a bogus tampering allegation.

As far as the attempted Jay Cutler scenario goes, everyone now proclaims the Bears as geniuses for picking him up. If the Redskins had completed the trade, I'm sure you would have written an article about how stupid the Redskins were for giving up so much to get him. Most sports reporters will find fault in everything the Redskins do because they don't like Dan Snyder.

As for your comment about the stupidity of Redskins fans, why do you waste your time writing about them? You're obviously a Redskins hater but don't you have anything better to spend your time on? It seems to me like you're the bigger loser, because you don't have anything of substance to write about; only pathetic rants about how you hate the Redskins, and how you hope they fail.

Lee said...

The blaming Jason Campbell thing really is what I don't get. Dude has had zero blocking most of his career. A bunch of midget wr's. Not much help from the defense so he is always playing behind. It all just makes me laugh really hard as a Giants fan!

Anonymous said...

No help from the defense? They had one of the better defenses last year.

Campbell is a competent NFL starter, while Cutler is a possible Pro Bowler. I'm a skins fan, and while I think Cutler is the better qb, I'm perfectly happy with Campbell. I agree with Lee that the real problem is the receivers and O line. Randle El is a good third receiver, but he's not a number 2.

J-Red said...

No real basis for the tampering charge? There are two separate pre-FA allegations. That's smoke at least.

If they had landed Cutler I would have said we'd find out pretty quickly about Thomas and Kelly, and whether Zorn can run an offense.

Nikhil Verma said...

J-Red, I can't disagree with you on Cutlergate. To top it off, I am sitting behind Jason Campbell at the Caps game when this story breaks. Much as I love my Skins, this is a new low for me as a fan. The worst part is that after all this, the Skins are stuck with a QB that enters a contract year knowing management doesn't have his back. What does this say about the clout Jim Zorn has in this organization?

Hypothetically, if the Skins managed to get Cutler, do you think Snyder would have tried for Shanahan this year? I know it's April but this is the Redskins we're talking about. It's not totally unheard of for an NFL team to get a new coach in April. Look at the Raiders.

I don't think the tampering is that big of a deal. First, The Washington Post says the Titans didn't officially file tampering charges but asked the league to look into it. I wonder how many teams get accused of tampering, and how often something actually happens.

What's the worst that could happen? The Skins get fined $250K (cause like you said, they usually have any draft picks). That's pocket change for someone like Snyder.

Grant said...

The skins are run by morons, and a lot of our fans are dumb, but I will never understand why Ravens fans have this particular hatred for the Redskins. I mean, to me the Ravens are just another team. I don't see why it shouldn't just be like that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment about b-more people hating on the skins. Your in a difference conference and quite frankly your team is pretty up and down as well, now that ray is in the twilight of his career and rex ryan pillaged the defensive players you all are going down hill over the next 2 seasons. And when you are down (like '07) Redskins bloggers wont take the time to write crap about you.

The fact is that your team will just be another Cleveland or seattle or tampa once Ray Lewis is gone, with out him your not worth noting nationally and the redskins are so enjoy reading about dan screwing up in usa today while flaccos latest performance will be news for only the carrol county reporter.

Lastly you guys should have a better team since its all you have in that 3rd world country of a city, enjoy having your car broken into at the next game you go to.

"ben" said...

I like Jason Campbell.

J-Red said...


Seattle, Tampa Bay and Baltimore have all been to a Super Bowl since 1991.

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