March 8, 2009

Illinois CB Vontae Davis Names His Dream NFL Team

On Fox Sports Radio this afternoon, Illinois CB Vontae Davis, a first-round prospect like his brother Vernon Davis was a few years back, was asked which NFL team he most hoped would draft him next month.

Vontae answered quickly - Baltimore. He then explained that he likes the way the Ravens play defense.

It should be noted that Vontae is from Washington, D.C., and attended the District's Dunbar High, but I think Ravens fans can be proud that college stars are dreaming of donning the purple and black (and certainly not the burgundy and gold).

Even if Vontae didn't follow his brother Vernon to Maryland, I still love V.D.

4 Responses:

Anonymous said...

That's what she said.

Tim said...

"I love VD" If only I could count how many times I had heard that phrase.

Russell said...

Please, the Skins are known as the "burgundy and black," haven't you heard?

J-Red said...

Maroon and black.

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