April 15, 2009

National Economy 8, Nationals 1

The O's picked up 4 in the tenth to win their third series this year. The Nationals, who have yet to win, lost late last night at the old Kosmo Kramer game of guessing which plane arrives first. They're now 0-7, and 0-43 in Puddle Jumper Roulette. The Nats' owners, the Lerner family, would sell the team, but nothing has turned up on Craig's List and they've yet to meet an actual Nats fan.

Perhaps the Washington Post is keeping spirits up? I counted 202 clickable links before the first Nationals story, and it was about hot young player Lastings Milledge being optioned to AAA. He was hitting .167...as a leadoff man...on a National League team.

At least the Nats have a new stadium, opening it's second year. The team was proud to sell out the near new (brand new if you agree with the Lerners) arena out, even if GM Stan Kasten had to literally go out and beg Philly fans to come.

But alas they lost again. As the headline on ESPN.com's Page 2 stated, the 1988 (0-21) Baltimore Orioles are icing the bubbly. Only D.C. can routinely make the Charm City feel better and better.

12 Responses:

Lee said...

hahahahaha... The Nats can suck this bad for a good 6 or 7 more years before they catch up to the O's suck streak. Just an FYI.

J-Red said...

They'll be the Portland Nats by then and I'll have lost interest.

Nikhil Verma said...

Yeah, spoken like someone who's so objective and fair about Washington sports. Considering how mediocre the Orioles have been the last 10 seasons, going from a great franchise to a terrible one, I wouldn't be saying anything about baseball teams that no one cares about. Also, Portland's not getting anything because half the home games would be rained out. They're too busy being tree huggers and doing all that outdoor shit to care about baseball.

Jason, you sound like someone who's jealous, with an inferiority complex, when it comes to Washington. Washingtonians don't give a shit about Baltimore. Your city is irrelevant.

We are superior to Baltimore in every way possible. The Ravens are a better run organization, no question. So I'll give you that. But everything else? We're better than you. That's why Balti-morons hate DC. Because they can't be us, and they never will.

Jeremy said...

I don't know Nikhil... J-Red seems to have an awfully big appreciation for the WASHINGTON Capitals... this has always been something that has intrigued me, given that he does seem to go out of his way to ever-so "objectively" cover Washington sports franchises.

Look, if you're not concerned about the Nats, there is probably something wrong with you. But that said, they're still my baseball team, in my town that didn't have a baseball team when I was born and until I was 25 years old. They're my team. Just as Baltimore stuck by the O's during the 1988 season when they were 0-21. What would be interesting though is to see whether they would've enjoyed the same loyalty by their fans if they actually had a football team during that time, as well. Because an awfully high number of Baltimoreans (my brother-in-law chief among them) have totally jumped ship off the O's bandwagon over the last 11 years of mediocrity in favor of the Ravens. That's the part that I'm not sure translates.

Jeremy said...

Also, final score of last night's game:

Postponed due to rain - 9
Nationals - 0

The Nationals forfeited because they realized that if they couldn't pitch in decent weather in Florida and Atlanta, even the sight of raindrops intimidated them.

Nikhil Verma said...

Yes, but that's because Baltimore has no NHL team. So if you want to see a game, you gotta go to Washington or Philly.

I'm not disagreeing that the Nationals suck. They're terrible. I'm concerned about ownership and management.

But unlike the Orioles, we don't have a 55 year history, with 3 World Series and 6 AL pennants.

The Nationals are still building. The Orioles have gone from formerly great to irrelevant.

"ben" said...

"Yes, but that's because Baltimore has no NHL team. So if you want to see a game, you gotta go to Washington or Philly."

Yeah? So? Are you defending J-Red on this? J-Red is so mind-bogglingly inconsistent on his anti-DC/pro Caps stuff that it really takes a lot of the bite out of his jabs at the Nats and Skins.

J-Red said...

Ok, I'll bite on the "if they actually had a football team: angle.

You see, Peter Angelos, fucked be thy name, said D.C. could not handle a baseball team. He was correct.

Jack Kent Cooke, drunk be thy name, just didn't want competition from the football-savvy team to his north. He was correct.

You can make the argument that the Ravens are the best run team in football. You could even say the Steelers are better-run. The Redskins are the crack-stain of the NFL. Every wife wants to know the secret to removing the Redskins.

Jeremy said...

Looks like Jeff Ballard and Jim Traber better keep that champagne on ice for another few years.

Lee said...

"You see, Peter Angelos, fucked be thy name, said D.C. could not handle a baseball team. He was correct."

I don't think he was correct at all. The Nats will be fine, they just need some of the young talent they are accumilating to come around. Angelos was just pissed he didn't get to have a monopoly on basball in 2 cities. Now he has to put a somewhat decent team on the field to sell tickets. I get why he hates the Nats, they hold his ass to the fire. What I don't get is why Orioles fans hate the Nats. If they were intellegent enough to understand that the economic competition of Nats would only force Angelos to stop spending money on garbage veterans and use an intellgent baseball model which will in turn make the O's better, they would love the Nats. They might still be a little jealous however of the Nats success because the Nats don't have to play in the AL East with Boston and NY who neither team could ever afford to play on an even field with... So at worst O's fans should be nuetral. I see no reason people can't root for both teams, especially if they are around 30 years old and grew up in between the two cities.

"ben" said...

Lee, you must be new around here.

Baltimoreans have an inferiority complex with DC, therefore they hate the Nats. It's similar to Michigan State's complex with Michigan, and Maryland's complex with Virginia. And Maryland's complex with Duke. And Maryland's complex with UNC. And Maryland's complex with Pepperdine.

Nikhil Verma said...

J-Red, as far as I'm concerned, Cooke and Angelos had the same reasoning. They didn't want competition. Neither one was correct. Baltimore deserved an NFL team, and DC deserved a "baseball" team.

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