April 15, 2009

The Only Suitable Replacement for Brett Favre?

By now you may have heard that the Green Bay Packers have invited Duke guard Greg Paulus to a workout.  Paulus was a football and basketball star in high school, and had offers to play QB from Notre Dame and Miami but chose to play basketball at Duke instead.

Really?  This guy who hasn’t played competitive football in 4 years is a better option for a workout than any other college quarterback?  Paulus was supposed to be a can’t-miss prospect in either sport, but ended up riding the bench as a senior.  I’m willing to attribute some of that to Coach K’s poor player development, but Paulus doesn’t seem like a guy who deserves a shot in the NFL.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and Paulus will turn out to be a great NFL quarterback.  Or maybe the Packers just made a mistake inviting him to a workout and wasted a couple hours of their time.  But it seems crazy to me that an NFL team would be working out an undersized point guard who hasn’t played competitive football since high school.

3 Responses:

Grant said...

Never underestimate the potential synergy of the two whitest fan bases in the country (Non-New England Division).

Nikhil Verma said...

Hypothetically, let's say Friedgen could get Paulus. Would he be allowed to transfer in conference, since it would be another sport? It would never happen, of course. But can you imagine Paulus in uniform for the Terps? Priceless.

"ben" said...

Thank you for taking the Green Bay angle and not the Michigan angle. MUCH APPRECIATED!

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