March 10, 2009

Idol Recap - 3/10/09

So we're finally past devastatingly tantalizing close Maryland basketball losses to superior opponents on Tuesday nights. Now we've moved on to embarrassing losses to inferior opponents on Sundays. But the upside is we're back to Idol recaps!!

New intro for our attention whore judges. The big stage, a big announcer. Less screentime for Ryan and less uncomfortable winking between Ryan and Simon. Okay by me.

Tonight is Michael Jackson night meaning that everybody has to change up the song that they choose in some meaningful way. Because simply put, there is no Idol contestant in the history of the show who could ever cover Michael Jackson.

On to the recaps... I am "live-blogging" this, so I hope that my comments don't overlap with the judges that much, but I'm going to spit out my take and if it overlaps, it overlaps.

Lil Rounds - The Way You Make Me Feel
Alright, she sang really well. But it didn't matter. The only way she was going home tomorrow was if she pulled a Sinead O'Connor - somethling like wrapping herself in an American flag for her performance, then whipping it off and burning it. We'll see her for a whole many more weeks, if not at the final show. Verdict - SAFE.

Scott MacIntyre - Keep The Faith
He's good, but bottom line is I think that there were 2 or 3 guys who were left behind who were significantly better than him (see Joyner, Ju'Not; Braddy, Ricky). Doesn't have a powerful voice to hold out certain notes, despite having some range. But forget my review... did anyone else hear Paula say it was "magical" seeing Scott's "instrument in his fingertips." Wow. Verdict - SAFE.

Danny Gokey - P.Y.T.
He blew the roof off the theatre. That's all there is to say. Started a little weak and then just was incredible. I wouldn't put him through to the finals yet, like Paula, but he was dynamite. Verdict - SAFE.

Michael Sarver - You Are Not Alone
Great vocals, but a pretty forgettable performance. If we weren't constantly reminded that he was a roughneck, we'd probably totally forget who he is. In the early rounds of elimination, forgettability bodes trouble. Verdict - SLIGHT DANGER.

Jasmine Murray - I'll Be There
Benefits from each week of distance she puts between herself and her horrifying Round of 36 performance. She has a powerhouse voice but isn't very well-trained it seems given how she can stray into screechiness. She may not have developed a strong voter base yet, though. Verdict - DANGER.

Kris Allen - Remember the Times
Somebody wanted to crack out that acoustic guitar just a little bit too early. Acoustic guitar + Michael Jackson = slight trouble. It was a pretty good performance all around and I think his looks has seized a good portion of the young female vote. Gokey = cougar vote, Allen = under 30 female vote. Verdict - SAFE.

Allison Iraheta - Give Into Me
Wow. Her stage presence is INCREDIBLE for a 16-year-old. I just worry that she has enough range. All we've seen is Alone by Heart and an angry version of Give Into Me tonight. At some point she'll have to stretch to be a true threat to win it all. But a knockout performance tonight. Verdict - SAFE.

Anoop Desai - Beat It
Anoop didn't seem to get the memo that you had to do something to switch up a Michael Jackson song to make it your own because nobody can touch the original. Unfortunately for Anoop, he chose Michael's most popular song and did NOTHING to it. He did an above-average college acapella version of the song. Verdict - DANGER.

Jorge Nunez - Never Can Say Goodbye
Jorge did an alright job. He fell into the same Anoop trap of not really doing anything to the song. However, unlike Anoop, he didn't try to re-create a total classic. Still, it was kind of like a lounge singer on stage. If he wasn't so insanely loved and popular, he'd be in more danger. But for tonight, the verdict - SAFE.

Megan Corkrey - Rockin' Robin
Well, the good news is she likely won't be separated from her son for that much longer. But for the tattoos, tonight looked like something out of a trippy 1970s variety show. The other good news was the makeover. I haven't seen an Idol crowd look this dead for a supposedly upbeat performance in a long time. Verdict - EXTREME DANGER.

Adam Lambert - Black Or White
This was one of the most manic performances I have ever seen on this show. I entirely disagree with the judges and was kind of put off by the performance, while at the same time, I appreciated it for the talent. Adam is uniquely suited for a Michael Jackson week given that Adam, like Michael, is more than a little disturbing in some way that may be hard to describe, but that you feel deep in your bones. He'll go very far because of his comfort level on stage from his national Broadway tour. Verdict - SAFE.

Matt Giraud - Human Nature
Excellent, excellent vocals. Tremendous upper range. I hate giving him this much love because I have a sneaking suspicion he's a huge tool. But it was solidly good and at this stage, that's normally enough to get you through. Another performer who benefits from each week of separation he gets from his disastrous performance in the round-of-36. Verdict - SAFE.

Alexis Grace - Dirty Diana
Aside from her wardrobe assistant picking an outfit that made her look like one of women out of HBO's Atlantic City prostitute documentary, a good performance. However, she got screetchy in parts and had trouble keeping up with the fast pace of the vocal lines in between the chorus. If people don't accidentally dial the phone sex line (yes, that's why IDOLS13 isn't being used tonight), she still had a good enough performance to be through. Verdict - SAFE.

Predicted Bottom Two:
Megan Corkrey (easily the worst)
Jasmine Murray (a tough call between her, Anoop, and Sarver)

Unanswered question - what are the judges doing tomorrow to make the process a little different? Throw in your hypotheses in the comments section. Given some of their comments about wanting to take back a little bit of control, I can't imagine that they'd possibly overrule voting results. Could they?

13 Responses:

Anonymous said...

I think each week we will be told who the bottom 3 are but the judges will decide who goes home out of that groupl.

Anonymous said...

I think for the first week only, the judges will pick one who goes off and the viewers will pick the other. Then it will go back to the norm!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you, especially re Megan. She needs to go, based on song choice alone. Must disagree with you re Adam. I'm older than you and Adam put together, but I find this kid edgy and extremely talented. He has an easy charm and apparent humbleness, (which I'd guess isn't at all how he really feels), and I think he will go far. Allison is super!

Michael said...

Many of your comments are wrong. Jasmine was by far the most underrated contestant of the night. Jorge was highly disappointing and should definitely be a nominee for who's getting sent home. And the fact you even mentioned Michael Sarver in that league is just plain crazy. Matt isn't nearly as good as you want him to be. Sorry.

Braddon said...

Wow, so couldn't disagree with this Michael chum more! I think you summed it all up rather nicely! Except for I don't just get the secretly a huge tool vibe from just Matt (btw, my personal favorite performance of the night) but also VERY much from Anoop, and also Adam! Anoop is seriously everything I hate about cocky college a capella singers, he's a straight up dork with no real relevance at all... unless you're inspired by pampered rich kids with no style who think their voices sound real pretty! ;-)

Michael said...

Braddon. Couldn't give half a shit whether you disagree. It is what it is. Accept the truth and get over it.

Brien said...

Hahahahaha, Jeremy, according to Michael, your opinion of the relative merits of contestants in a singing competition is WRONG. This isn't a matter where disagreement is possible. He is right and you are wrong.

I forgot how much the Idol recaps bring out the douchebag commenters.

Michael said...

Fuck you, Brien. Kick rocks.

Jeremy said...

I would just remind some of our commenters that my "verdict" is most assuredly not entirely based on the performance. Rather, it's based partially on the performance, but also based on a number of other considerations - such as whether the contestant likely has a large voting bloc behind them, has already been very visible on the show, appeals to a segment of the population, etc. I find that this is a much more reliable way to try to discern who is likely to be headed home. Unless the judges screw us all and vote somebody off themselves, or allow somebody to stay who has been voted off and have two people voted off the following week (i.e. giving the person voted off another chance to redeem themselves).

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and return each week. This is ordinarily a sports blog, but it's a guilty pleasure for three of the four of us who blog on here, so we deviate from our sports format once per week for Idol. Plus, at least two of the four of us are degenerate gamblers and there are definite gambling possibilities on this show, which justifies the space we give it.

Nikhil said...

I know of a huge grassroots effort going on in the Indian community to vote for Anoop Desai. I personally don't think he deserves to advance, but the rest of the Verma famil disagrees. GOTV (get out the vote) at its finest!

Has anyone here ever called to vote for someone? Do you get the same automatic "thanks for voting" message?

Jeremy said...

Nikhil, you are describing what kept Sanjaya around for even longer. If it was just the teenage girl vote alone, he would've been eliminated about three weeks before he was. I saw The Namesake in the theaters, I know how strong the Indian-American community is!!!

(as opposed to Jason's American Indian community)

Nikhil said...

Anoop survives (somehow). My mom tells me it is the power of the Hindu vote. She says "we will keep Anoop around for a long time".

Valonia said...

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