August 17, 2009

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Trophy

It’s certainly a tribute to Tiger’s dominance that his first mini-choke in a major is a huge news story.  On the other hand, what makes Tiger different than everyone else is the fact that he never loses tournaments like this.  When he has a chance to win, he shuts the door.  This weekend he looked a little more human.

Y.E. Yang was about the last guy I expected to challenge Woods on Sunday.  In the third round he looked like he was just happy to be there, hitting straight, safe shots and not making the big mistake.  On Sunday, he just kept hanging around and made a few birdies, capitalizing on the fact that Woods couldn’t put him away.

Padraig Harrington was the one I thought had a chance at beating Tiger, but any hopes of that went out the window with his quintuple-bogey 8 on the par 3 eighth hole.

Unbelievably, Yang started the tournament at +5 through 23 holes and then went -13 for the remaining two and a half rounds.  Woods, on the other hand, played +3 on Sunday.  When is the last time Tiger played over par on Sunday in a major he had a shot at winning?

Tiger’s still the best player in the world (ever), but after a year when he failed to win a major, golf is looking a bit more exciting.

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