August 16, 2009

Forget the Wildcat - Eagles Unveiling VOLTRON!

All images used with permission. Check out the official Voltron website for information about the show, media, and news about the upcoming DVD release.

The Wildcat is SO 2008. Now it seems that every team has latched on to the same wrinkle. "Hey, you know what would be really tricky? Having a player line up outside his natural position!"

The general saying is that by the time an offensive scheme catches on in the NFL, it's obsolete. The Philadelphia Eagles know this, and have decided to up the ante this season. Ladies and gentlemen, I unveil for you VOLTRON.

Voltron, for those of you who slept through the 80's or weren't born yet, was the original Captain Planet/Mighty Morphin Power Ranger combination weapon. Five team members fought evil alone or in their Wildcat-themed machines. When things got really tough, they combined to form Voltron, a force so unstoppable he literally single-handedly caused intergalactic peace and went into retirement. Not even Michael Jordan did that.

The Eagles have all the pieces now.

Keith - Donovan McNabb

Keith is the most level-headed member of the team. Though there is no clear hierarchy, he serves as the leader of the team. When it comes time to form up, Keith's Black Lion serves as Voltron's head, just as McNabb will.

Pidge - Brian Westbrook

Small in stature, Pidge pilots the green lion. Just like Brian Westbrook, Pidge uses his smarts to make up for his size. He is not afraid of any enemy.

Sven - DeSean Jackson/Reggie Brown/Kevin Curtis

Sven was a critical part of the Voltron team before being seriously injured. Like Sven, the Eagles receivers last year suffered through a series of long-term injuries. Luckily, DeSean Jackson was able to hold down the ship and get the Eagles to within a game of a Super Bowl return. So long as one or two of these guys can keep Voltron operational, the Eagles won't have anything to worry about.

Lance - Michael Vick

Lance is the hothead of the Voltron team. He has the tendency to get in a bit of trouble, either because of his actions or his mouth. This is Vick's role in the Voltron offense. If he can just focus his energies on what he is capable of doing on the field, his talent allows him to fulfill any role. Between McNabb, Westbrook, Vick and DeSean Jackson, any combination of the four can line up at any position and do serious damage.

Hunk - Brent Celek

Large in body and in heart, Hunk isn't the guy you'd expect to do much damage. Just like Brent Celek, the second you forget about Hunk or underestimate him, he comes through to save the day.

With these five guys joining forces on offense, the Wildcat and it's no-QB and two-QB variations will seem childish. Vick, DeSean Jackson, Westbook and McNabb can line up in virtually any combination and any position. Brent Celek is just waiting to be forgotten in the mess. The Eagles knew that signing Michael Vick would be a public relations nightmare unless they could put him to good use. I suspect they will.


2 Responses:

Michelangelo said...

Who's Princess Allura? David Akers?

J-Red said...

Kendra Wilkinson.

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