February 27, 2009

Ravens Make a Great Signing

The Ravens opened up their free agent signing period today with one brilliantly bright spot aside from the gloom of likely losing Ray-Ray and Bart Scott to the Cowboys and Jets, respectively. They were able to sign free agent cornerback, hometown boy, ex-Maryland Terrapin, and incredible all-around-person Domonique Foxworth to a 4-year $27.2 million contract, with over $16 million guaranteed.

Foxworth grew up in Baltimore County, went to high school in Catonsville, and has talked openly about rooting for the Ravens since they arrived in Baltimore when he was 13. In today's Baltimore Sun, he sums up his feelings for Baltimore in a way that will make all Ravens' fans hearts beat a little faster... "When the Ravens got here [in 1996], automatically we gravitated to them, just like most of the city has because they are a hard-nosed, blue-collar team just like this city is... To finally be able to come back and be apart of it is great."

Beyond being a great cover corner for his size, Foxworth is just a stand-up guy. Those of us who became familiar with him during his playing days at Maryland knew this long before he was taken in the third round of the 2005 draft by the Broncos. He's respected by his peers, having been elected to the Executive Committee of the NFL Players Association. He's been one of the most active NFL players with the United Way. He funded the building of a boys and girls club in Denver, at which he later taught a writing course. He's been named the recipient of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award by the Denver Broncos, honoring his community service.

So let me put it bluntly... today the Ravens spent $27.2 million on Domonique Foxworth who is barely known and is an underrated great person and player. The Redskins spent $55 million on DeAngelo Hall, who is largely known for being an overrated scumbag.

Yes, today is yet another reason why this Redskins fan is slightly jealous of the Baltimore Ravens.

7 Responses:

J-Red said...

Also, his Mom is cool. Also, Dominique likes D.P. Dough.

Grant said...

He likes DP Dough! Fantastic! Though really most people who went to UMD, athletes or otherwise, like DP Dough. I haven't had it since I moved in August and I kinda miss it.

I'm also a Redskins fan who is a little jealous. I love rooting for Terps. I'm glad he's getting paid and gets to come home, even if it's the wrong team.

J-Red said...

I worked at the one in College Park from October 2001 to June 2002, so we've almost certainly met if you ordered any in that time frame.

Jeremy said...

J-Red used to hook me up. Back when I could scarf down a BBQ chicken calzone at 11:30 p.m. and not have to worry about gaining 8 pounds from it.

Grant said...

Nah, I am class of '08 so I never ordered in that time frame. But obviously much respect to anyone who worked at a College Park eatery. Except Wing Zone. They were assholes to me over the summer and are now on my shit list. Not that that really matters, considering I live far, far away these days

I was always a fan of the one with pepperoni, salami, and ham in it. This is part of the reason I blimped to over 200 pounds my junior year. That and lots of Natty/Beast Light from The Barn.

Brien said...

No one who has tried a Buffalo Zone would ever order anything else.

Grant said...

I think it was called a Buffer Zone when I was around. And yeah, I eventually switched to that most of the time. College students do love their Texas Pete.

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