February 22, 2009

Bracket Time Is Coming - The Best of Gus Johnson

It's late February, and the rain piddling outside my window is supposed to change over to sloppy wet snow this evening. On the other hand, Maryland just beat UNC and I'm starting to have dreams of filling out brackets where I can have the Terps make an improbable run to the second round.

It's almost Gus Johnson time.

Here is the best of The Best.

1) The Gurgle (Bonus - Adam Morrison Cries at the End. Double Bonus - Gumbelsnark.)

2) The Incomprehensible Scream and Recover (Bonus: Sacrosanct Fish)

This shows Gus' remarkable ability to hype and recompose.

3) Double Scream + Hyperbole (Bonus - Regular season Big Ten upset = Kennedy assassination)

4) You Will Not Deny Gus His Upset (Bonus: Invented Word "Officious")

5) The Male Multiple Orgasm (Bonus: Heartbreak City, the slipper fits)

Oh yeah, and he does football too. The Greatness of Gus can only be captured in this tribute.

3 Responses:

Jeremy said...

J-Red, congrats on one of the most epic posts to ever see the light of ECB.

Anonymous said...

Sadly (for you), officious IS a word, and more or less properly used, although perhaps unintentionally. Back to 7th grade voacab for you. It was, however, a sucky call.

Live From the Palestra! said...

You guys stole our thunder! We were gonna wait until March to post something similar because of how much we love GJ. Well done.
Keep up the great work. - Gus Johnson's Whisper

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