January 14, 2009

Club Polamalu: Men with Girly Hair and Effeminate Voices

Thanks to Mark Viviano and Damon "The Bulldog" Yaffe for discussing Brien's post about Joe Flacco and famous unibrows on their midday radio show on 1300 AM and 105.7 FM in Baltimore. I have been quietly seething since that went live, feeling it is unfair to make fun of Joe for a genetic variation. To point out how unfair it was, I feel that I should unveil my list of men with girlish hair and voices, in honor of Steelers safety and frequent deep pass victim Troy Polamalu.

Be warned, this blog has never looked so gay while still remaining totally straight. That is also in honor of Troy Polamalu (allegedly).








*Kevin Greene has a masculine speaking voice, but squeals like an American Idol fan when he watches his favorite show, Gossip Girl. He also likes American Idol, but swore off it after Sanjaya was booted.

7 Responses:

Anonymous said...

Axl and Russell are all man.

J-Red said...

Maybe so, but they have girly hair and somewhat effeminate voices.

Stephen Finley said...

If I never see Chyna again, it'll be too soon... even if it is for a good zinger.

W said...

I knew who wrote this blog before I looked at the byline. Great stuff!

J-Red said...

Stephen - Chyna almost didn't make it on the voice front, but the hair saved it.

Jeremy said...

Wow... I'm thinking about disavowing all connection to this blog. Not like I've been able to post much lately.

But seriously... J-Red... Axl?!?! You know I have a large spot in my heart for GNR. How could you hurt me so?

J-Red said...

Jeremy, I didn't make Axl pose for that picture.

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