January 24, 2009

Change has come to Washington... maybe to College Park?

At halftime of today's Maryland-Duke basketball game, the Terps are losing 40-15. 15 FUCKING POINTS IN ONE HALF?!?! Seriously, that's like 10 year old girls rec-league scoring.

In that spirit, I asked Terrapin Club members on the Terrapin Club message boards to sum up, in one word, the state of the Maryland basketball program. As of this moment, before the carnage can further continue, this is the exact listing:

Yow (bear in mind - Kay died this morning)

Bear in mind... these are Terrapin Club members, who the athletic department relies upon for donations year after year and hits up on a nearly monthly basis for additional donations.

Yeah. Change may very well be coming. Whether Gary likes it or not.

I will try to update later in the game.


The game is now over. The Terps have now lost to Duke 85-44. Scored under 50 points.

Here is an addition to the list of "one word" descriptions of Maryland's basketball program, accrued since halftime. It's short... I think most people turned the game off:


So here's my take. I have, all season long, been in the camp of people who believed that based upon how Gary took this program from the ashes of Len Bias and rebuilt us into a National Championship winner, he deserved to, at the least, go out on his own terms. Maybe he deserved a year or two to bring in more recruits.

Now, after today, it's game over for Gary in my book. I'd be perfectly happy if Debbie Yow called Gary into her office whenever she gets back from her more pressing family matters in North Carolina (speaking of... nice timing to do this Gary) and told him that he can either resign effective the end of the season or be fired right now and allow one of his assistants to finish out the season for him.

Look, it is about talent. And the bottom line is that Gary isn't getting the talent here anymore. Whether it's a lack of effort or just not being willing to play the game the way the recruiting game needs to be played anymore, it's just not happening. It's not like we're a flash in the pan like Rutgers football. The Terrapin basketball program has one of the finest facilities in the nation and one of the richest histories of any D-1 basketball program. Just look in the rafters the next time you're in Comcast.

Gary, you will always hold a special place in my heart, but your time is past.

14 Responses:

Nic said...

Umm....Go Duke!


Nikhil said...

I don't to pile on Gary either but here's the reality of the situation. We have to win on Tuesday. Even if we do, we are still on the bubble. Winning on Tuesday won't be easy because the Eagles have great size inside, rebound the ball, and have one of the best guards in the league in Tyrese Rice.
Let's think about the two league wins we have. Both games were at home. We played a last place GT team that's 0-5. We were down the whole game, at one point losing by 11 points in the first half. We barely won that game, after a frantic rally in the last 5 minutes. Also, we almost choked the UVA game away, after the 'Hoos finally started playing defense in the second half.
We can't win on the road. We are also 1-2 on neutral courts ( I consider Verizon to essentially be a home court so that doesn't count).
We have no true depth, no legitimate inside game, and a team that half the time can't put the ball in the ocean.
Worse, other teams in the league are bringing in top recruits in the league. Georgia Tech just signed the #2 guy in the country, a big man by the way.
The Wolfpack have put together a class that's in the top 15. Miami and FSU have as well.
This isn't getting better.

Nikhil said...


You said you wouldn't mind Gary gone. But what do you think WILL really happen? You think Debbie will ax him after this year?


Jeremy said...

I don't think we have the talent to beat Duke or UNC meaning we have room for only one additional loss in conference to finish 9-7 and make the NCAAs. Obviously, therefore, we won't make the NCAAs. And thus, I think, Gary will be gone at the end of this year. The pitchforks and torches will get too hot. Plus, we all know Debbie Yow doesn't have the same place in her heart for Gary as she does for Brenda or Ralph.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I found the players at fault. Not Gary. My folks contribute a lot of money to the school and athletics dept. I loved seeing coach put in the younger guys in the 2nd half. We have the 6th most winning coach of Div I. What is your proposal?

Anonymous said...

Debbie needs to go - not Gary.

Anonymous said...

My folks are members of the club and did not participate nor echo your listed responses.

Meghan said...

I was at an alumni game watch. We all think Gary should go. So bad it's almost funny is pretty much how we summed it up.

"ben" said...

As someone with experience in watching a bball team and beloved, storied football team fall apart completely and utterly, let me try and talk you off the ledge...

Oh wait, I can't. It's pretty awful. Yeah, you pretty much better jump. See you at the bottom.

Anonymous said...


J-Red said...

I still think Gary isn't the problem. I think the world of D-I expanded with the "bracket busters" and increased coverage. The true blueblood programs like UNC, Duke, etc., were able to survive. The next step down is going to be hit or miss.

And I've expressed my opinion before that the town of College Park is hard to overcome on the recruiting trail for many reasons.

Nikhil Verma said...

To Anonymous, the coach recruits the players. So whether its his fault or not, the coach gets the blame in college sports for the players. When he won the national championship in 2002, he got all the credit for recruiting those guys, didn't he? Well, his recruiting the last 5 years has sucked.

Jason, we may not be a "blue blood" program but we are a top 20 powerhouse. We have a tradition here.

College Park is a shithole. I grant you that. But, the DC-Baltimore area is one of the best areas in the country for prep basketball talent. Guys from Baltimore are going to Virginia Tech. Blacksburg is that much better than College Park?

Nikhil Verma said...

Also, Lansing (Michigan State), Storrs (Connecticut), and Gainesville (Florida) aren't great college towns either. Neither is Tallahassee. But FSU basketball has had better recruiting than we have.

We've won a national championship and played in two Final Fours. Yet, you mean to tell me we can't get guys from our own backyward to come here.

Nor can this be blamed on Debbie. We aren't even offering these players scholarships. We don't even have them visit our campus.

Charlie said...

He has to get better at recruiting. Two of the best college players in recent history, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant, come from Maryland and we didn't even get a sniff a couple of years after winning a national title and back-to-back Final Four trips. Something isn't right there.

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