December 10, 2008

Nats, Lerner Offer Teixeira Fortune and Anonymity

According to and the Washington Times, the Washington Nationals have offered free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira an eight-year, $160M contract. The story also says the deal would pay Teixeira an average of $22.5M per year, which means I apparently need to go back to elementary school and relearn the definition of "average".

blablblah Also, no risk of celebration related injuries (i.e. Gramaticatitis)

Coming in the wake of C.C. Sabathia's big deal from the Yankees, the Nationals can only be counting on one thing: Mark Teixeira is not looking for fame and fortune. Basically, Ted Lerner has told Scott Boras and Teixeira that he can come to Washington and retire in virtual anonymity amongst the 2,000 or so Nationals fans who actually care about the team. Maybe if the shadows don't suit him the 28-year-old can emerge at age 36 and have a Julio Franconian resurgence with an actual contender.

Some would argue that the proximity to Teixeira's home, near Annapolis, Maryland, may make him willing to forgo fame. Perhaps his Mommy makes some mean mac and cheese. Maybe Teix wants his Q rating somewhere between those of Chi Chi Rodriguez and Sean Landeta. It's hard to read the minds of these athletes, really.

As an Orioles fan, I can only hope Baltimore doesn't get spotlight envy, causing them to top the Nats' offer. Neither team is close to contention, and the eggs-in-one-basket approach has stung quite a few teams in recent history (See: Albert Belle, Orioles; Alex Rodriguez, Rangers).

J-Red welcomes himself back from a two-week private retreat for bloggers.

4 Responses:

Anonymous said...

There is no way Angelos lets Teixiera sign with the Expos.


Nikhil Verma said...

Well, it's good to see Jason back. As for Teixeira, I say he ends up with the Orioles. The hometown lure will be the difference. Peter Gammons says he'll end up with the Red Sox. I'm shocked.

Jeremy said...

Peter Gammons - Special Assistant in Charge of National Exposure and Propaganda, Boston Red Sox

gpb said...

I'm not sure he'll go to either Nats or Orioles. He's still young and in his prime. I think he wants to compete. I honestly wish the Braves would get him back. Kotchman won't deliver the offensive numbers Tex can.

After we traded him off, I dunno if he would want to come back. I really think he liked it here and was snubbed that we traded him.

But I'm pretty sure we're going to need that money for pitching. I suppose we'll just have to see what the Braves do to try and ruin the off-season.

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