December 11, 2008

Week 15 NFL Picks

Brien (39-30-1)

CHICAGO (-3) over New Orleans - The Saints suck away from the Superdome, and it's going to be 17 degrees in Chicago tonight.

Washington (-7) over CINCINNATI - The Redskins have lost 4 of their last 5 games, and they'll be desperate for a big win over the awful Bengals.

Tennessee (-3) over HOUSTON - The Titans are 11-2 against the spread, and yet from this line it looks like Vegas is still underestimating them.

ARIZONA (pk) over Minnesota - Don't be fooled by the fact that they have the same record. The Cardinals are a much better team, especially at home.

NY Giants (+3) over DALLAS - The Giants have been the most dominant team in the league all season (they're also 10-3 ATS). There is no reason that team should be getting points in any game.

Jason (30-29-1)
Since I was away for two weeks, I am picking 15 of the 16 games on the slate to catch up.

CHICAGO (-3) over New Orleans - The Saints suck on the road and the Bears are still alive to win a weak division.

JACKSONVILLE (+2) over Green Bay - I'll take the disappointing home team that can run the ball.

INDIANAPOLIS (-17.5) over Detroit - Detroit is probably looking ahead to someone they could beat.

CINCINNATI (+7) over Washington - This feels like a 3-point game.

Tampa Bay (+3) over ATLANTA - Just a hunch that TB is making a run.

MIAMI (-6.5) over San Francisco - Mediocre West Coast team coming east.

ST. LOUIS (+3) over Seattle - Feels like a pick 'em.

Buffalo (+7.5) over NEW YORK JETS - Just a hunch.

HOUSTON (+3) over Tennessee - Houston is coming on strong and Tennessee is looking at the calendar for the next meaningful game.

BALTIMORE (-1.5) over Pittsburgh - I think they'll get to Ben often.

Denver (+7.5) over CAROLINA - Carolina has too many QB questions to survive a shootout.

San Diego (-5) over KANSAS CITY - KC will cure what ails thee.

ARIZONA (-3) over Minnesota - Arizona plays well at home and beats mediocre teams.

New England (-7) over OAKLAND - With or without Cassel.

New York Giants (+3) over DALLAS - The Giants backed in, but they want to reestablish momentum after Plax and last week.

Jeremy (38-31-1)
"I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords." Sorry for the random Simpsons Kent Brockman quote, it's been a while since they've put out a funny episode. 3 weeks left for me to make up one game on Brien...

New York Giants (+3) over DALLAS
- The old rule that anytime a team with only two losses on the season is getting points, it's tough to not take the points. Vegas loves suckers like me who adopt this theory.

Seattle (-3) over ST. LOUIS - The Seahawks aren't great, but the Rams are god awful.

Pittsburgh (+1) over BALTIMORE - First to 10 wins. Insane over/under on this game.

KANSAS CITY (+5) over San Diego - Not so easy to play on the road at Arrowhead this time of year, especially coming from San Diego.

Detroit (+17) over INDIANAPOLIS - Partially because I'm going up against Brien this weekend in fantasy football playoffs who is starting Peyton Manning, this pick is with my heart and not my head. Although 17 points is about as big a spread to cover as you can find.

Magic 8 Ball (34-35-1)
For the first time ever, Magic 8 Ball likes all the home teams.

DALLAS (-3) over New York Giants - "Signs point to yes." (Cowboys will beat the spread)

ST. LOUIS (+3) over Seattle - "Yes." (Rams will beat the spread)

BALTIMORE (-1) over Pittsburgh - "Yes." (Ravens will beat the spread)

KANSAS CITY (+5) over San Diego - "Signs point to yes." (Chiefs will beat the spread)

INDIANAPOLIS (-17) over Detroit - "My sources say yes." (Colts will beat the spread)

Russell (33-36-1)
Hoping I can end the pro season as dominantly as I did the college season.

ARIZONA (-3) over Minnesota - I have taken Arizona at home almost every time this year. It's worked well.

San Diego (-5) over KANSAS CITY - The Chiefs still suck.

CHICAGO (-3) over New Orleans - Bears at home in nasty weather vs. a Southern team.

Washington (-7) over CINCINNATI
- The Skins have actually been better on the road this year, and I think they pull it together for at least one more week.

Tennessee (-3) over HOUSTON - The Texans haven't beaten a tough team in a while.

Jeremy - NYG, SEA, PIT, KAN, DET
Russell - ARI, CHI, SD, TEN, WAS

1 Responses:

Brien said...

Wow, I took a bath this week. At least I beat Jeremy in fantasy to secure a spot in the finals.

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