December 13, 2008

Black President, White Heisman Finalists?

The last time all the Heisman finalists were white was in 2001, with the stellar crop of Eric Crouch, Joey Harrington, Rex Grossman and Ken Dorsey. All good college players, but none have performed well in the pros. That might be a good lesson for Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford should they be eyeing up a nice $200K Aston-Martin around draft day.

3 Responses:

CNO said...

SAM BRADFORD IS NOT WHITE. He is Cherokee, take a look at him, he is brown, brown is not = white

J-Red said...

From USA Today:

There is some delicacy in glorifying the connection. Bradford's father is one-eighth Native American descent; his great-grandmother, Susie Walkingstick, was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. Bradford, whose mother, Martha, is white, is one-sixteenth. But until OU began publicizing his lineage, it wasn't a story line in his life.

"I knew I was part Cherokee. My dad had told me that," Bradford says. "But as far as actually talking about it (in depth), no. Nobody really brought it up."

So that means I'm Native American too. My great-grandmother is 100%. I don't think anyone would be celebrating that if I were a Heisman candidate though.

J-Red said...

Actually, I'm more Native American than Bradford. This is a pretty ridiculous discussion.

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