December 23, 2008

Teixeira to Yankees

If the Red Sox really offered eight years and $184M, and the Yankees really got him for eight years and $180M, Boras lost his client $4M by pretending to have huge offers in his pocket when he met with John Henry in Texas. Once again, Boras has played the Red Sox off the Yankees and apparently has talked his client into taking a deal just to spite Boston.

If Teixeira really grew up an Orioles fan, I can't see how he could sign with the Yankees over the Red Sox if the money is the same. I know I feel both teams are equal in terms of evil and their destructive influence on baseball, but I still have a little more revulsion saved up for the pinstripes.

10 Responses:

Jeremy said...


(maybe I did actually hope the Nats would get him)

gpb said...

Can we have the Yankees (and maybe a couple others) just play in their own league? They just scrimmage and fans pay out the nose for the privilege of watching. Then everyone else plays in a league with some realistic balance.

I just think the luxury tax amount needs to be raised. Otherwise, the Yankees and others will just continue to enjoy making some talent just completely unobtainable to other teams.

Besides, I don't think Tex isn't even worth $22.5m. Maybe $18m. But then again, what the market will bear.

Jeremy said...

This signing illustrates perfectly the decline of baseball as a national sport. Look at football with revenue sharing in place. The owners still make a pretty decent income. And the fans of about 25 out of 32 teams have legitimate hope that their teams will make the playoffs come August. The lack of a salary cap in baseball and the perception that a luxury tax would have the same effect is killing the game. Realistically there are only about 12 out of 30 teams each year whose fan bases can be energized and excited for the season. And sure, every now and again a small market team will make a run. But they'll never win it all.

Baseball blows right now. I'm not so upset that my Nationals ticket group fell apart. Not so much because of the product the Nats gave me on the field (that contributed to it), but because of the game itself. I would much prefer give my money to the Capitals and Terrapins.

J-Red said...

The seven NFL teams with no realistic shot at winning the 2009 Super Bowl:

Kansas City
St. Louis

It's a crappy time to live in Missouri or Ohio.

J-Red said...

Sorry, 2010 Super Bowl.

Nikhil Verma said...

I don't think the Red Sox are as bad as the Yankees, especially with the new stadium the Yanks will have next year. The Red Sox have a great farm system and develop players like the 1996-2000 Yankees did. Since they lost to the D-Backs in 2001, the Yankees have returned back to what they were in the 1970's.

GPB, there is some balance in baseball. Look at the World Series winners and runner ups (D-Backs and Marlins won, Rockies and Tigers won their leagues).

It's popular to beat up on the Yankees and Red Sox and I do it as much as anyone. BUT......

The reason the Orioles and Nationals suck is bad ownership and bad management. It has nothing to do with the Yankees or Red Sox. The Yanks farm system won their World Series from 1996-2000. Sure, they have spent like crazy the last 8 years. What has it done for them? Zero World Series wins while the Marlins have 2.

As for the Red Sox, well look at their management structure, competence, and stability compared to the Orioles and Nationals.

The Orioles SHOULD be a big market team with the whole Mid-Atlantic to draw from, a great ballpark (still), and a great tradition. The Nationals have a market that does have some potential.

So let's not blame the Yankees and Red Sox for baseball's alleged imbalance. The Devil Rays, Rockies, D-Backs, Marlins, Tigers, have shown it can be done. Meanwhile, the Mets and Dodgers have shown that being in a big market doesn't mean you win World Series.

Nikhil Verma said...


Baseball blows in THIS market, meaning Washington and Baltimore. But it's more popular than ever in New York, Boston, Philly, St. Louis, and LA. In fact, MLB is by far the second most popular pro sports league behind the NFL. It is actually only slightly behind college football in popularity.
I have read market research and polls by Harris Interactive and Rasmussen on this.
Baseball's low point came during the 80's and early 90's, while the NBA became the 2nd most popular league. But since 1998 (when Jordan had his "second retirement" and there was the home run case, plus enough time for people to recover from the cancelled World Series and the strike), baseball has again become the 2nd sport.
My point is this. Baseball isn't on the decline, in my view. I don't think there is anything wrong with the sport.
If anything, the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry only makes adds to interest all over the country.
If the Nationals and Orioles would ever field a winning team, I think you would see baseball be the 2nd most popular sport in this area as well (behind the NFL, obviously).


J-Red said...

Popularity rankings can be misleading too, though. If you're the second most popular thing in Baltimore, that's a pretty big deal since there are only so many things to do in town. The three main players are pretty much a) Ravens, b) Orioles, c) Getting drunk.

Let's say there's such a thing as "popularity share", like market share, when it comes to diversions. In Baltimore being the second most popular might mean you have a 30% popularity share. In D.C. on the other hand, there are a ton of things to do. Baseball could be the second most popular thing to do and only have a 10% popularity share, way behind the Redskins and barely above the Caps, Wizards, nightlife, theaters, concerts, bars, college basketball, high school sports, sex with Midwestern interns, etc.

Nikhil Verma said...

Good point J-Red. I also thought Tex might sign with the O's because of the hometown appeal. But here's the thing. Being a starter for the Yankees puts you on the national stage in a way that being on the Orioles or Nationals does not. To state the obvious, he signed for the $$$$ and because he thinks the Yankees give him the best chance to win a World Series. Tex was an Orioles fan back when they had Ripken, the Yard was full, and Palmeiro and Brady Anderson were pumping steroids into their ass. Things have changed since then.

Nikhil Verma said...

I just last sentence may have contradicted my second one.

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