April 8, 2008

While You Were Sleeping

I missed this just so I could get an extra 15 minutes of sleep.

The only people more upset this morning than Memphis fans or people who had Memphis winning in their bracket pool are basketball fans on the East Coast who went to bed thinking the game was over.

It's not as bad as Jeremy's premature evacuation at Nationals Opening Day, but I gave up on the game last night at the worst possible time. I had stayed up far later than usual to watch the game, and with Memphis up 7 and only 2:00 to go, I called it a night. Kansas had just started fouling, and I figured that the rest of the game was going to be 20 minutes of fouls, timeouts, and commercials.

Needless to say, I was very upset this morning when I heard what I had missed. This is not the first time I've made a mistake like this. I also fell asleep right before the 4th quarter of the Texas-USC Rose Bowl (but that time I was really trying to stay awake). I'm sure this game will spark some East Coast-West Coast debates, but the bottom line is that I should just stay up later and not be such a bitch about it.

12 Responses:

J-Red said...

I agree with the bottom line, though I did answer the phone with Memphis up 9 only to come back with under a minute left and Memphis up 2.

I still am not sure Mario Chalmers' foot wasn't on the line for the game-tying three. Nice job CBS of not isolating that replay so I could feel better about Kansas not potentially stealing the championship.

"ben" said...

What's with people on this blog calling attention to their lack of fanhood? (Yes, I'm stealing a word as stupid as fanhood.)

Aren't you a Maryland fan? Don't you know what can happen in 58 seconds, much less 2 minutes?

And I agree, J-Red, I was envisioning them coming back from commercial before the OT saying that Chalmers had his foot on the line and the game was over. I'd like to believe they didn't show a replay because it was a clean three. If it wasn't, I'm sure it'll be all over YouTube.

Brien said...

If I had really cared about either team, there's no way I would have gone to bed.

Here's the iso on Chamlers' shot, stolen from Vegas Watch

big tuna said...

I stuck it out because I knew Memphis sucked from the line. But maybe I am used to be screwed by the West Coast pansies who don't want to leave work an hour early to catch a game.

At least your Caps are in the Eastern Conference. Playoff time means many late nights for us Wings fans.

J-Red said...

Ok, based on that shot I'm fully convinced both feet were behind the line.

Nantz and Packer were way off their game last night. The bankshot desperation three Memphis hit late was clearly a two, and neither one picked it up. Six seconds ran off in OT after a foul, and neither picked it up. The game-winning three was close to the line, and neither commented on it.

big tuna said...

Also, when the ball was knocked out of Rose's hands as he was bringing it up the court and Rose didn't know what to do, didn't Packer say something like "you can dribble it but you can't advance it." Then say something like "you have to know the rules."

Am I the only one that caught this? Maybe I misheard him or there is some strange dribbling in place rule out there.

"ben" said...

Pretty sure he said you can touch the ball but not advance it. Rose was avoiding grabbing the ball at first, which Packer was saying he could do. At least that's how I heard it, but I might be wrong.

J-Red said...

I'm not familiar with any rule that says you have to dribble the ball in place. Maybe he meant once you've picked up your dribble you can dribble it in place and it isn't a double dribble until you take a step.

big tuna said...

"ben" is probably right. I guess I was half asleep when I heard it. Thanks

Russell said...

The issue with Rose's dribble was that he had lost control, and if he continued to dribble, it would have been a travel or a carry. So he let the ball bounce freely a couple times, which I've seen in numerous other games this year. I think the reason the comment was made by the announcer is that Rose didn't seem sure that he could regain possession, so there were a few moments while he just stood there and watched it bounce in front of him while Kansas closed in.

Dean said...

Having lived on both coasts, this "pansy" definitely prefers his sporting events wrapping-up sometime before midnight.

Now, having said all that... Brien, you gotta stick it out, my man. You spent how many hours watching all the other games and you couldn't hold on for the end of the championship game?

michael said...

Okay, I will say it...bow down to the glory and splendor of the Pacific Time Zone!

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