April 7, 2008

Sports Trophy Quiz

Many sporting events have really cool trophies. Can you recognize some of the more interesting ones?

Warning: The quiz is very difficult, but I stayed away from using generic-looking trophies that could be from any event.

Let us know how well you did in the comments!

17 Responses:

"ben" said...


Ugh. 6 of 12, with a couple lucky guesses.

1) I see why you did not write Little Brown Jug, but seeing as how that's the Trophy name, well...maybe you could have figured out a way to be tricky.

2) I may be wrong about the HR Derby, but I believe that trophy changes all the time.

Brien said...

I don't see what you mean about the Jug? After seeing a picture, I think naming it would be easy. It's much tougher to know what rivalry it's awarded in. I guess I could have included the name of the trophy in the question, but would that really have helped too much?

As for the homerun trophy, I found pictures from several different years with the same trophy, so I think it's pretty consistent.

J-Red said...

I got 800. The ones I got wrong are:

Daytona 500

MLB Home Run Derby (Which I dispute. Ripken's first HRD trophy was a crystal maple leaf.)

America's Cup

Tour de France.

I think the Wimbledon Plate was the easiest because 1) it's distinctive and 2) It's being held up by a black female. That kind of narrows it down.

J-Red said...

Ok, protest dropped. The crossed bats have been used at least since 1999. After a decade, I guess we can accept that the trophy is standardized now.

Russell said...

9 of 12. Missed the Daytona 500, the Home Run Derby, and the not-Claret Jug.

You could have a whole quiz on Big 10 rivalry trophies. There are a ridiculous number of them, and they get pretty obscure. Paul Bunyan's Axe, Little Brown Jug, Governor's Cup(?), etc. That would get brutal, since it seems like either Minnesota or Wisconsin is in every one of those games.

Eric said...

I got a 900. Video games helped me out on two of them, the jug (NCAA '07) and the Hart Trophy (NHL '96), though the other choices for the Hart Trophy made it easy.

I got the Commander in Chief's Trophy wrong, which was stupid since there are three trophies. Also got the America's Cup and Sprint Cup wrong

"ben" said...

1) Regarding the HR derby, I was confused for the same reason as J-Red, but I will also concede that it has since been standardized.

2) And now I'm really confused what we're talking about now regarding the Jug. I was saying to list Little Brown Jug would be too easy because it's a little brown jug. Thus, I understood why you listed rivalries instead of trophy names.

However, you did not write AFC Championship Trophy, you wrote...I don't even remember what it was. So sometimes you went with the actual trophy name rather than what it was awarded for. Little Brown Jug is the actual trophy name.

By the way, that's not what the jug even looks like anymore, if it ever did. I know you found it on a UMich site, but do a google image and you'll see what's really awarded. I'm not sure why that's the picture Michigan has on its site.

Brien said...

Ben, now I see what you mean about the Jug. I wasn't really consistent with whether I asked for the trophy name or the event name, I generally tried to use the trophy name when it is commonly used (except for the jug, which is too easy).

All the modern pics of the jug had one of the teams holding it up and also show the "M" on one or both sides (too easy). That's also why I couldn't use the Paul Bunyan Axe, the Old Oaken Bucket or other college FB trophies.

Nic said...

6 out of 12. Nascar did me in as well as that MLB Derby one. Minus that Indy 500 one, you can read the inscription on the trophy. :P

J-Red said...

I think the Lamar Hunt Trophy is sufficiently well known. Plus, there's a big A with stars around it on that trophy, just like the Halas Trophy has an N with stars.

big tuna said...

I had 10 of 12. But I answered a lot of them using process of elimination and inscriptions from the trophy - like the Indy 500, Daytona 500, AFC (and I knew Lamar Hunt was the name of that trophy but no idea what it looked like).

KGoon1590 said...

8 out of 12... with many guesses. but i did know the lamar hunt trophy.

"ben" said...

Okay, I feel like this Lamar Hunt talk is being obsessed over because of my comment.

I never said that the Lamar Hunt trophy was hard. I was using it as an example of how he somtimes used the Trophy name.

Seeing as how I got the lowest score, it's not surprising that I'm the only one who does not know the Lamar Hunt Trophy.

You all can stop patting yourselves on the back for getting it right. I clearly do not pay enough attention to the NFL.

Jeremy said...

Dude, 10 out of 12. I feel pretty good about that performance.

J-Red said...


As a Redskins fan you wouldn't have been expected to remember the George Halas Trophy either.

Tracy said...

12/12 with probably 7 or 8 correct guesses. I'm on fire, see y'all when I get back from VEGAS! haha!


Rainout said...

900 points! Taste.