March 20, 2008

Announcers Should Follow Their Sport

Commenting on Georgia's run in the SEC Tournament late in the UGA-Xavier game, one announcer (Craig Bolerjack) said "due to the tornado, they had to play the game at Georgia Tech's arena, a much smaller arena. They had to pack them in tight!" (Paraphrased)

Really? They only let family, close friends, and cheerleaders into Georgia Tech's arena (home of McDonald's Court).


11 Responses:

"ben" said...

Check it out, Jeremy. Yost Ice Arena was profiled in USA Today earlier this month.

The Frozen Four is at the Verizon Center next year. I want tickets!

"ben" said...

Okay, getting back to the subject at hand: bad announcing.

I don't know who is doing the W. Ky - Drake game, but following a 3-pointer by someone named Youngs, the announcer said:

"Only the young survive!"

I've heard of "Only the good die young," but never only the young survive. Is that from something?

Then he said "Will the cinderella slipper continue to fit for Drake?"

Drake is the five seed. Western Kentucky is the 13 seed. I understand that Drake is a mid-major, but still, that's idiotic, especially in Round 1.

"ben" said...

W. Ky is the 12, not 13. Sorry.

big tuna said...

Yesterday I heard an announcer say that the Big Ten is well-represented this year. He went on to say that Indiana is hot coming into the tournament.

big tuna said...

I hate the Drake

Dean said...

I think it was Tim Brando with those tortured "young" and "cinderella" references. Nothing like distracting the audience from an otherwise fantastic sporting event with your craptastic cliches.

big tuna said...

What happened to the best conference debate? I don't think there is any question now that the Pac 10 is hands down the best.

Sweet 16 teams:
Pac 10 - 3
Big East - 3
Big 10 - 2
Big 12 - 2
SEC - 1
Southern - 1
Conf USA - 1
Sun Belt - 1
Atlantic 10 - 1
ACC - 1

J-Red said...

We'll revisit the best conference rankings when we get down to the Final Four. Stanford and Wazzu will depart next round, and we'll find out whose better between UCLA and UNC on the first Monday night in April.

big tuna said...

Who is better between UCLA and ACC is going to tell us which conference is the best? really?

big tuna said...

oops, UNC not ACC in case you are confused

Dean said...

As a West Coast honk, I actually thought the Pac-10 was somewhat overrated this year. The bandwagon was a year late as it appeared that everyone was giving the conference credit for last year's performance. Call it the Pro-Bowl syndrome.

Still a very good conference that deserves to be in the conversation but not as good as last year's.

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