March 17, 2008

Congrats Lady Terps!!

With how incredibly low I feel about our mens team right now, I have to give big props to the Lady Terps, who have been rewarded for their incredibly hard schedule with a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. If you go back to November and December, the non-conference schedule that those girls played was insane. Imagine if the UNC or Duke men rocked out the ACC schedule to the tune of two losses, and also happened to schedule some games during the season against UCLA, Memphis, Tennessee, and LSU. That's essentially what the Lady Terps did this season. You wanna cry about the Terps getting a #1 seed Stanford and LSU??? I didn't see you playing practically half your non-conference schedule against top 25 teams, mostly on the road.

The juvenile humor cackles at the President holding up a womens basketball jersey that says "Bush."

So the Lady Terps will play the first two rounds at Comcast Center. Their first-round game is a matchup against Coppin State. This is totally not fair. It's essentially taking the Honorable Mention Baltimore Sun All-Met team against a squad of girls who were each #1 in their state. The last five ladies on the Maryland bench could probably beat the starting five for Coppin State by about 30. Well, this is womens basketball, so maybe 20.

The best thing about the preliminary games is that Duke got assigned to Comcast Center for their first two rounds. This is fantastic, and once again proves that the NCAA Selections Committee really do make some decisions with their heads up their asses. It's worse than making Duke play two games on the road. It's making Duke play two NCAA tournament games in a hostile environment. If you all thought that the animosity for Duke was reserved for mens basketball, you're wrong. The Comcast Center will be booing and going crazy rooting for the upset when Duke comes in. Especially given that Duke upset the Lady Terps in the ACC Tournament.

Am I going to the games? No. Should I? Probably. I guess I should put my money where my mouth is. The problem is that for as much of a Terp fan as I am, I am utterly and totally bored by womens basketball. I have mad respect for the Lady Terps and love how well they represent our school. It's just that if I had to choose something to do on the weekend, there's about 25 things that I would pick before going to a womens basketball game, even if it is the NCAA Tournament.

So Lady Terps, thanks for salvaging some dignity to Comcast Center. And Gary... less time at Dewey Beach, more time recruiting. Maybe we can duct tape that Rick Maese column in the Baltimore Sun to your office door that called out how Brenda spends twice as much money on recruiting as you do.

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