March 12, 2008

Games to Watch Thursday 3/13

With too many huge conference tournaments to preview, here's the condensed version, showcasing the most important games to watch tomorrow (or scores to track if they're not on TV in your area).

#1 G'Town vs. #8 Villanova - The Wildcats have one game to prove they belong. Win or go to the NIT.

#1 Xavier vs. #8 Dayton - Similarly, the Flyers really need this one to support their solid RPI and help the committee ignore that 8-8 finish in the A-10. The 1 point win over St Louis in OT wasn't very impressive.

3 pm
#5 Arizona St. vs. #4 USC - The Sun Devils really need a solid win to improve their RPI and finish on a good note. This should be a close, well-played game, starring two outstanding freshmen.

7 pm
#10 Virginia vs. #7 Georgia Tech - Possibly Sean Singletary's last game in college. Yeah, he's that good.

#2 Louisville vs. #7 Pittsburgh - Hard to find a better matchup than this in the quarterfinals of any conference. Two top 25 RPI teams, Pitt's great in the Big East tourney but has struggled lately, while the Cardinals closed quite well.

9 pm
#11 Boston College vs. #6 Maryland - Possibly Tyrese Rice's last game in college. He put up 34 on UNC in one half. Also, the hot-and-cold Terps are always entertaining.

#3 Washington St. vs. #6 Oregon - Win or NIT for the Ducks.

#3 Notre Dame vs. #6 Marquette - Can the Irish win away from home against a really good team?

#3 UMass vs. #6 Charlotte - The Minutemen are hanging onto their at-large by a thread. Charlotte is no walk-over, and a win by the 49ers opens up another at-large for everyone else.

5 Responses:

"ben" said...

I cannot believe you did not include Michigan-Iowa (noon) as must-see TV.

Are you not excited about the prospect of watching a game that will score under 120 total points between two teams that won't make the NIT?

Russell said...

That game was next on the list... I just ran out of space. As were the other enthralling first round Big Ten games.

"ben" said...

Doesn't matter, I just realized it's on the Big Ten Network, so it's not actually on TV unless you have DirecTV.

J-Red said...

Sean Singletary is a senior. Every game Virginia plays here on out is possibly his last game in college.

KGoon1590 said...

yeah, he really is a senior.

i hope it's rice's last game in college...

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