March 13, 2008

Nats Fans put Music in New Ballpark to a Vote

Beginning today at:, Nationals fans (or anybody who wishes to prank the Nats and pick some really crappy music), have the ability to pick the songs that get played following a home run, during the 7th inning streth (after Take Me Out to the Ballgame), and after Chad Cordero shuts down the opposing team for a victory (which will happen more than you think this year). Choices are as follows:

Following Home Run:

Because We Can - Fatboy Slim
Bustin' Loose - Chuck Brown (D.C. legend)
Zombie Nation - Kerncraft 4000 (at every Terp football and basketball game)
Off We Go (Air Force Theme) - Robert Crawford
Song 2 - Blur

7th Inning Stretch:

Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
The Gambler - Kenny Rogers (did somebody clear this option with Selig?)
Rock me Gently - Andy Kim
September - Earth Wind and Fire
Shout - Otis Day and the Knights
Twist and Shout - Beatles
YMCA - Village People
You Gotta Have Heart - Damn Yankees Soundtrack

Nothing like a Broadway showtune about an infamously futile Washington baseball team to make the 7th inning stretch feel happy and GAY.

Following Victory:

Beautiful Day - U2
Celebration - Kool and the Gang
Dancing in the Streets - Martha Reeves and the Vandelas
How do you Like Me Now - Toby Keith (a FUCKING FOOTBALL SONG)
Rock and Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter (obviously oblivious to the child porn issue)

So let's see, if Zombie Nation, YMCA, You Gotta Have Heart, or Celebration are winners, I'll be hugely upset. Other than that, it'll be alright.

My selections were Bustin Loose because it's unique to DC and the chorus is pretty fun for a home run, September for 7th inning stretch because there is the distinct possibility for audience participation during the choruses, and Dancing in the Streets because I want a song that's going to widen the smile on my face as I'm leaving the ballpark following a win (given that I'll have a 30-minute wait for a Metro train ahead of me and a 45 minute ride on Metro home).

Not a bad way for the Nats to start getting fan involvement in the new park, but I wish there were some better selections. Some of them just don't work.

7 Responses:

"ben" said...

That's pretty cool. I'll have to go to iTunes before I vote because the songs that I know I wouldn't vote for, for the most part.

michael said...

Yeah very cool to get the fans involve and let them choose. I think the best end of game victory song (and the one that relates most to the city) is the Dodgers, who after a victory, play "I Love L.A." by Randy Newman. The fans wait in their seats and sing along to the song, and then leave after it ends. Also, if you don't need to sing along, this provides an opportunity to dart out and beat the bathroom line.

J-Red said...

I don't think the choices are very good, but I like that they're giving people the choice.

As with all things democratic, you get whatever you get.

J-Red said...

Ok, my votes are in:

Home Run - Off We Go (into the wild blue yonder)

7th Inning Stretch - Shout (Otis Day)

Victory - Toby Keith

I only sabotaged the victory song. Oh, and this was my feedback for music in general:

"I'd like to hear a mix of country and hip-hop to reflect D.C.'s diverse makeup and southern status."

So maybe I sabotaged that too.

big tuna said...

How Do You Like Me Now is not a football song. The music video just happens to be on a football field. It is sung to some girl who dumped him but he actually wrote it based on him getting rejected by some record company then producing his own record and topping the country charts.

Great song by the way. I would vote for that but I won't because I am not a Nats fan. I think it would be a good choice because every team except maybe the Marlins will overlook the Nats when they come to play them.

big tuna said...

Also, if you want to hear The Gambler come to Comerica park when Kenny Rogers is pitching (if you can get tickets).

J-Red said...

Yeah, come to think of it I didn't really sabotage anything except for asking for country hip-hop fusion.

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