March 9, 2008

Wire Series Finale (SPOILER ALERT)

So for the past five seasons, The Wire has consistently proven why it is the greatest show on television. As The Sopranos waned, The Wire brought out characters, grit, and plot unseen on any television show before.

Do not read below this picture if you don't want to see spoilers:

Tonight we saw the end of The Wire and we witnessed the following in the last 10 minutes of the show:

Judge Pearlman
Citizen Daniels, Esq.
Citizen McNulty
Citizen Freamon
Lieutenant Carver
Commissioner Valchek
Governor Carcetti
State Police Superintendent Rawls
Sydnor = young McNulty
Michael = young Omar
Duquan = young Bubbles
Bubbles = sober and accepted by family
Slim Charles = wearing the crown
Cheese = RIP
Chris= life w/o parole
Marlo = out of the game (or not?)
Herc = Levy's bitch
Templeton = Pulitzer prize winner
Gus = demoted to copy desk
Kenard = in bracelets for Omar's murder

An absolutely incredible finale that I'm still too busy processing. All we know is that the game keeps on getting played with new characters. Old characters move up, move down, or die. Characters stay in the game by making the right allies and everything is a morality play... how wrong is wrong? Pearlman is a judge because by obstructing justice, she was able to keep everybody's reputation in check. Levy fucked over his client to save his own ass, convincing Marlo that he got him a good deal when Levy only accepted the deal to prevent himself from going to prison.

So much to say, but cheers to a show that has given us such great commentary.

"A free born man in the U.S.A."

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

Two notes:

Slim Charles doesn't wear the crown necessarily. He was always a faithful lieutenant who himself admitted to Marlo that he isn't cut out for leadership. By killing Cheese tonight he showed that he's loyal to Prop Joe beyond the grave, which is especially fitting after Cheese's speech about changing allegiances as he saw fit.

We only assume Kenard was being picked up for shooting Omar. Given that word on the street had Omar wielding an AK while surrounded (overheard as Marlo walked up to that corner at the end), I don't know that the police would have tracked Kenard down that quickly.

Basically, The Wire captured the ending that the Sopranos were going for. Life goes on. Nothing changes except for the players. It is possible to get up and out (Namond, Bubs), but as soon as you do there's someone right there to take your place.

Also, I don't think Governor O'Malley is a huge fan of the show. They totally paralleled running the Commish out (Ed Norris in real life) with the promise that he'd get the MSP job. The only difference is that O'Malley was petty enough to make sure Norris went down anyway. Nareese and Sheila Dixon are parallel (except Nareese is younger). The PG County young black man and our Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown are identical. I wonder how many people outside Maryland know that the horrible politics in The Wire actually happened here two years ago.

I was worried after reading The Sun's review of the finale, but I am very satisfied with the ending. Sure, the characters caught a lot of lucky breaks, but they were used to illustrate the similarities between how the media, government, police, criminal justice system, are broken. We saw that good people sometimes don't get what they deserve, that some bad people get more than they deserve, that some good people end up winning, and that some bad people end up losing. "Fairness" isn't part of the equation.

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