March 30, 2008

Worst....Bracket Pool....Ever

It finally happened. The scourge of the bracket pool: all four number one seeds making the Final Four. Every office has that guy who takes the bracket pool WAY too seriously, and this year he'll be more bitter than he was when he failed to make the JV tennis team. If, God forbid, someone picked all the number ones to make it, he'll be rewarded. More likely, a ton of people picked three of the four ones to make it, and that means the whole shebang comes down to what all 18-35 year-old sports loving men fear: the first round picks.

I can hardly bear to watch the rest of this chalkfest play out. On the bright side, that secretary (excuse me, administrative professional. The word "secretary" has fell victim to the PC police who view it as too feminine. That's funny, most cabinet members and UN Secretary-Generals have been male) who had Davidson, Western Kentucky and Villanova in the Sweet 16 has likely been mercifully eliminated.

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