April 4, 2008

Oriole Park at Camden Yards Concept Drawings

This is stolen from Orioles Hangout. Check out the original message board post and follow-up discussion there. Sorry DrLev, but there is no other good way to re-post the awesome pictures. Check out the high-res pictures here at the original post.

Here is the first design, commissioned in 1986. Obviously, we're glad that fell through.

The next design was created in 1987, and resembles what we eventually got. Notice the grandstands are rounded, the exterior ramps, the shortened warehouse and the symmetrical field with the scoreboard in dead center. I cannot see the bullpens, but they do not appear to be stacked. Also, the exterior brick has not beed added yet.

And, lastly, what we actually got. Clearly HOK did a great job refining this concept, because we got a nearly perfect finished product.

Really, you owe it to yourself to check out this link and see the pictures in high resolution that Blogger can't provide. Follow this link.

9 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Those drawings are so inaccurate. There are fans in the seats in those renderings.

"ben" said...

Allow me to state the obvious: Camden Yards is great.

And fans were in the seats for many years, Jeremy...including you and me.

J-Red said...

Yeah, just remember those drawings when you're trudging back into that sterile monolith near the Navy Yard. You only get one chance to make a beautiful stadium. Anyone can make some glass mess.

Eric (Extra P.) said...

HOK also designed the excellent Harbor Park in Norfolk, where the O's AAA affiliate is.

Anonymous said...

HOK also designed the "sterile monolith near the Navy Yard." The city of DC didn't want a throwback stadium a la Camden Yards, so don't blame HOK for the "glass mess."

Anonymous said...

"The city of DC didn't want a throwback stadium a la Camden Yards, so don't blame HOK for the "glass mess."

You're right, the city of DC didn't want a throwback, they wanted a "glass mess" that would blend in nicely with the rest of the stale buildings in this city. But then again, all of DC's sports venues (Verizon Center, FedEx Field, etc.) are sterile and don't have much character.

Jeremy said...

a) FedEx field isn't in DC, and was built with purely private money, and therefore on the cheap. If you find a Redskins fan who tells you they enjoy watching a game there, you've found yourself a lying Redskins fan.

b) I can't believe that the Hilton Convention Center twin towers have gone up and totally destroyed the view that once was so wonderful out of centerfield. Pretty sad about your city when the only thing that the City Council feels is keeping conventions from coming to the city is the lack of a hotel that allows visitors to travel between hotel and convention center without stepping foot on a city street.

J-Red said...

Actually, the Convention Center Hotel disaster was more because convention hosts wanted to negotiate with a single hotel rather than have to secure blocks at the Hyatt, Mariott, Sheraton, Stouffer, etc.

I agree though that it has badly changed the centerfield city view.

To others: I know HOK designed the Nats Stadium, and that's why it's an above-average glass box. They only give you what you ask for after all.

The Visionary said...

Truly the best ballpark in baseball, and the most fan-friendly as well!

-The Visionary

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