March 30, 2008

Hey Nats Fans

All three of you should check back here later for Jeremy's review of the brand spanking new Nationals Park...assuming he gets off Metro prior to 4am.

7 Responses:

big tuna said...

Dude, you guys just booed the president. I assume you think that is ok, but you have to put aside what you think of him and the job he is doing and think about what he represents. I am embarassed for you.

J-Red said...

I'm an Orioles fan. Don't pin that crap on me. I've never seen any president in person, so I doubt my first inclination would be to provide his approval rating.

It's D.C. anyway, what do you want? Half of the people in attendance have a major stake in which party is in power at any given moment. Other than that they just wanted to enjoy the baseball match and root for the home team to score the most points.

"ben" said...

This is absolutely not the first time a politician has been booed throwing out the first pitch. If it wasn't Bush at RFK before, then I think it was Cheney, maybe Rice...somebody.

I don't think you should have been surprised that half the people booed. I wouldn't be surprised if Jeremey was one of them. I also don't think booing an unpopular president would happen only in D.C.

That said, I agree that for ceremonial acts such as throwing out a first pitch at a ballgame, I think you should either cheer or sit on your hands. Booing is tacky, but I expected it.

"ben" said...

And sorry for spelling Jeremy's name wrong.



big tuna said...

Oh, I expected it and it wouldn't only happen in DC. Your last paragraph was my point.

Jeremy said...

I was too busy trying to snap a picture that will go alongside my ticket stub, limited edition inaugural gameday program, and inaugural gameday rally towel, to boo, cheer, or do anything else. That said, if I hadn't been taking a picture, I would not have booed despite the fact that I think that Bush is a disgrace to this country and to the office of the Presidency. I booed the hell out of Cheney. But there's something about the President that makes me feel that it's better to turn your back on him than it is to boo him. Not to say that people in my section weren't booing as loudly as if they had trotted Bin Laden out to the mound.

J-Red said...

I read somewhere that McCain himself is keeping Bin Laden chained in his basement so he can trot him out this October.

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