March 25, 2008

NCAA Sweet 16 vs. My Super Sweet 16 - Tale of the Tape

For years, both the NCAA and teenage girls have been using the term "sweet 16." Recently, MTV threw its weight behind the teen girls with its show "My Super Sweet 16." So in today's "tale of the tape" it's a battle of the "Sweet 16s" - the NCAA vs. MTV.

As always, the tale of the tape idea was stolen from Nick Bakay.

My Super Sweet 16NCAA Sweet 16
The show debuted in 2005.The NCAA tournament expanded to 16 teams in 1951.
Teenage girls trying to one-up their rivals by throwing a bigger party.The best college basketball teams in the country facing off for a national championship.
Theme Song
Hillary Duff - Sweet SixteenCBS Basketball Theme (wav)
NCAA (could this be a runaway vicory?)
Voice Overs
Self-absorbed teens
Self-absorbed old men
MTV steals one (thanks, CBS).
Baby-faced teen girls
What was that?
Eye Candy
Ummm, no comment.
NCAA (I'd like to stay out of jail)
Parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on extravagant parties.
Boosters spend thousands of dollars convincing players to choose their school.
Celebrity Appearances
Jermaine Dupri
Vince Gill
NCAA (anything is better than Jermaine Dupri)
MTV (anything is better than the stripes on the side of the Stanford uniforms)

Final Total: 5-3-1
Not a big surprise, the NCAA wins it running away. That makes the NCAA Tournament the official use of the term "Sweet 16."

6 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Nicely done Brien. I would never admit to watching My Super Sweet 16. Ever.

We'll compare notes someday on the most obnoxious people ever. I'll go with the Indian sisters in Dallas. Or the adopted girl with the rags to riches story.

J-Red said...

Brien, age of consent is 16 in Maryland and New York, so sadly it's "okay" to look by the time the show airs. Still a good idea not to though.

Nice pull on Stephon Curry. Can someone politely ask him to keep my 98th percentile bracket roll going by tanking against Wisconsin?

"ben" said...

If you're going to steal from Nick Bakay, do it right.

So there you have it. When you break things down scientifically...

I forgot the rest.

KGoon1590 said...

Great breakdown.

Dean said...

... assuming I watched the show (the "My Super Sweet 16", that is), I'd be with you on everything except voiceovers.

Hasn't rolling your eyes whenever Billy Packer opens his mouth or checking out Awful Announcing to catch up on what gems Brando and Wenzel came up with become part of the appeal of the tourney?

Ben, its unfortunate Bakay has cornered the market, somewhat, on this device. The guy is ummm... how would I say this...? oh yeah,... not funny.

"ben" said...

Nick Bakay is my cousin, you bastard.

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