August 12, 2008

Shocking News...

Don't F with me. Do you know who I am? I can get you "re-educated."

Coach K is an asshole.

4 Responses:

Anonymous said...

First let me say that I don't disagree with the assertion that Coach K is an asshole in general(as a UNC fan I hate him as much as everyone here) and the way he responded to the question was assholish (if that's a word) and didn't address the dunks the person was asking about.

However, with that said, that question was retarded. Nobody complained about the original Dream Team showing off and running up the score.

Normally I'm against running up the score (see 2007 Patriots), but I think it's a different situation for the U.S. basketball team. I think other countries want to see an exhibition of what the U.S. players are capable of (though, as an American I'm obviously biased)

J-Red said...

That argument would fly if we hadn't finished 3rd in Athens, along with other international losses. We're not there to show the rest of the world how to play basketball. They've figured it out.

"ben" said...

1) Coach K's response is totally absurd.

2) As I'm sure you heard, the Chinese love Kobe Bryant. They like to watch that stuff, too.

If you were a soccer fan (which I am not) would you not like to watch Brazil show off a lot of fantastic, athletic skills, even if it were against the U.S. in a 4-nil game?

3) That doesn't make the question asked of Coach K an unfair question.

Dean said...

Yeah, but he's our asshole.

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