August 23, 2008

The Red Jersey Isn't For All QBs

What's wrong with the picture below?

No, not just "he's still in the league", or "there aren't any Steelers hanging from his shoulders". Why is Kyle "The Eternal Rookie" Boller wearing a red jersey in practice? Boller's amazingly enduring career has also been really consistent. He consistently makes strong confident throws early in games, he consistently fumbles every time he's hit from behind and he consistently throws ridiculous interceptions after the first turnover because he's so scared of being hit from behind again and losing the ball. Seriously, that's his whole career.

Is that really a guy you want avoiding contact in practice? If anything, they should start Ed Reed 25 yards behind Boller in the backfield and just let him come clean on every play. If he survives it, he might just be usable. If he doesn't, he has no purpose in the NFL anyway.

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